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    Preparing For Winters

    It is the eleventh month of the year, which means it is the onset of winters. While winters in India aren’t as harsh as compared to its Western counterparts like Canada and USA, yet we need to be ready for the winter season. Most moms worry during season change as it is during this time […] More

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    7 winter travel destinations in India for families

    We have no doubt about the fact that India is beautiful. Starting from the great Himalayas in the north to the beautiful shimmering coastline of the Indian Ocean in the south. And from the Gulf of Kutch in the west to the roaring shores of Bay of Bengal in the east. One can have countless […] More

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    7 ways to make chores fun for kids

    We know that every kid is a handful in his or her own unique way. Trying to keep them busy is a task for any parent. Here are a few ideas to make chores fun for kids. Let us know if you would like to add more.  You can hide stickers, treats, chocolate or maybe […] More

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    Going Back to Work while Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is one of the first of the many interactions a mom has with her newborn. No wonder breastfeeding becomes an emotion for most moms as they sail in this beautiful journey of motherhood. It is exactly why breast milk can be referred to as liquid gold. All because it is nothing short of a […] More

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    Backpacking with your kids

    Are you planning to take your kids backpacking ? Don’t confuse it with trekking or hiking. Backpacking is a style of Travelling that can be introduced to kids at a very early age.The freedom of backpacking is cost effective and that’s essential to families. A lot of parents in today’s world are choosing homeschooling and […] More

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    Best Rice Recipes for Kids

    Rice and wheat are one of the two most common grains which are used in most Indian households. Both the grains are loaded with a plethora of nutrients and hence very good for growing kids. Rice is an excellent source of vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, and minerals such as calcium and iron. Most moms prefer […] More

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    Dating with kids

    A lot of us are single parents. We love our kids to the core of our heart and a lot of us also love dating. However it’s a little complicated with the kids in the picture. Dating becomes exciting and scary at the same time. You can feel those butterflies for the new love interest […] More

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    Activities for Diwali Vacation

    The most revered festivities for Hindus start right from Navratras and then end up with Diwali and the festivals thereafter. Diwali is only two days away, which means the cleaning has already been done. And the schools have also shut down for the Diwali vacations. This also means that the children will be at home […] More

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    Talking to your kids about relationships.

    When your children are no longer kids, but also part adults they are called teenagers. A very big part of being teen is exploring new relationships all the time. This is obviously quiet scary for parents but that probably makes it more exciting for the teens. As parents we don’t want our kids to get […] More

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    Chores of a Stay at home dad

    The world has changed, and for the better. More and more men now choose to spend the majority of their day at home. Exciting as it is, this new setup can also be a bit confusing as centuries old gender stereotypes make an about turn. So to give all you aspiring Dads an idea of […] More

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    Introducing Solids and all about It

    Just like the sight of those two pink lines on the pregnancy toolkit excites us, so does the very thought of feeding our little baby, their first solid meal. Introducing solids to your baby is nothing short of a milestone and a certain sort of celebration in the family. In fact, in many south-east Asian cultures, the […] More

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    First food recipes for children – 6 months to 1 year

    Once your child completes 6 months, it is time to start them on solid food. Usually, it is difficult for children to adjust to solid food after 6 months of milk. So we start them with foods as close to the consistency of milk, as possible. There are a number of recipes that mothers follow […] More

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    Halloween Ideas for Kids

    The night is dark and full of candy. Sour mouth twisters, sugary treats, melty chocolates and crunchy caramel. Haunted houses and shrieks of laughter. Here are some ideas on how you can have the most fun while keeping it wholesome:  Joker :   Remember the Joker from Batman? Heath Ledger? The Joker is scary and […] More

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    Driving with your child – safety tips to keep in mind

    I recently got myself a car and I haven’t driven in about four years or so. I am also a mother of a very active three-year-old. In a nutshell, driving with my three-year-old in the car is extremely stressful! She doesn’t sit still and she is constantly distracting me. This, at a time, when I […] More

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    Story Telling – Things to do with your Child

    Storytelling has been a part of different cultures from the longest time we can remember. In fact, kids and stories go hand in hand for most part of their formative years. As a baby, I remember my mom telling me countless stories at bedtime. And now I find myself in a similar position, every time I […] More

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    Gadgets and your kids

    Since the advent of artificial intelligence and cloud technology gadgets have taken a very big leap in how we can use them. Now gadgets are used in pretty much all the aspects of our life, apart from the benefits there are also some issues that go along with them. In this article we will try […] More

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    Child friendly Pasta dishes

    Now we all know that kids are fussy eaters. However there’s one thing that goes down very well in every household, Pasta. It’s filling, comforting, super versatile and very easy to prepare. So instead of making two different dinners, why not make a kid approved pasta that everyone on the dinner table will love to […] More

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    Entering the teen phase – things to keep in mind

    Congratulations! Your child is on the verge of entering the teen phase. You’ve managed to survive the years till now. If only you could get through these teenage years, you’re good! Who or what is a teenager? A teenager is another word for an adolescent. The teenage years fall between the years of 13 to […] More

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    Winter Soup Recipes for Children

    The temperatures have started dipping and we can already feel the slight nip in the air. While there is till time for woolens, caps and mufflers to come out of the winter trunk box, foods have gradually started shifting. Markets are loaded with fresh winter vegetables and fruits. It is finally time to say good […] More

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    Holidays with your child – How to keep them occupied

    School holidays are usually a stressful time for most parents. While some part rejoices at not having to constantly worry about lunch and snack boxes, another part is stressing about how to keep the children effectively occupied!  It’s very easy to turn on the television or the gadgets and place the child in front of them. […] More

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