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    Entering the teen phase – things to keep in mind

    Congratulations! Your child is on the verge of entering the teen phase. You’ve managed to survive the years till now. If only you could get through these teenage years, you’re good! Who or what is a teenager? A teenager is another word for an adolescent. The teenage years fall between the years of 13 to […] More

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    Winter Soup Recipes for Children

    The temperatures have started dipping and we can already feel the slight nip in the air. While there is till time for woolens, caps and mufflers to come out of the winter trunk box, foods have gradually started shifting. Markets are loaded with fresh winter vegetables and fruits. It is finally time to say good […] More

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    Holidays with your child – How to keep them occupied

    School holidays are usually a stressful time for most parents. While some part rejoices at not having to constantly worry about lunch and snack boxes, another part is stressing about how to keep the children effectively occupied!  It’s very easy to turn on the television or the gadgets and place the child in front of them. […] More

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    Festive Season With Your Kids

    We have reached the last quarter of the year. This clearly indicates that is the start of festivities in the Hindu calendar from here. The markets are buzzing with the festive spirit and there is something about India which makes it beautiful during this time of the year. The festive season starts with the onset […] More

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    Global Handwashing Day – Hygiene for children

    Global Handwashing Day occurs on October 15 every year. The main aim of this day is to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their handwashing habits. Using soap while washing hands, at critical points during the day, is very important. The main focus of this day is to increase awareness and understand […] More

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    10 things to keep your kids busy

      Kids have a lot of energy and they need to burn it somewhere. Remember that time when you neatly arranged your ironed clothes in the cupboard and went to get a drink of water and junior with your back turned, turned the cupboard upside down in a jiffy. Here are a few things you […] More

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    International Day of the Girl Child

    International Day of the Girl Child has been observed on October 11th, since its inception in 2012. The main aim of this day is to highlight and address the needs and challenges faced by girls. At the same time, observing the International Day of the Girl Child hopes to promote the empowerment of girls and […] More

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    Simple Indian Recipes for Baby- Starting at 6 months of age

    As soon as your little on completes six months ,it is nothing short of any celebrations in the house. There are many physical and developmental milestones in these six months. The beginning of the seventh month also marks the beginning of solids in a child’s diet in most Indian households. In fact in many Indian […] More

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    6 signs you are depressed

    The world may be a smaller place now due to the advancements in technology and social media, but it is also a more lonely time. Due to so much work and stress, complications can arise. One of these signs is depression.  Depression can be handled if identified at the right time. Here are some signs […] More

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    A Morning in the Life of a Single Mom

    No woman comes prepared as to what it takes to be a mother! Same holds true for me as well. I never came with any preparations of motherhood. And bang when motherhood happened,  I was shouldered with the double responsibility of being a first time mom and single parenting. Ever since I started on this […] More

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    Single-parenting – woes and joys!

    When I set out, in life, I had no intentions of being a single-parent. That’s something that just happened. Unintentionally. Fortunately for me, I got over the initial shock of being thrust into this unknown world, and I moved forward. Today, 3 years later, I think my daughter and I have finally managed to get into […] More

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    Financial Tips before Kids

    Having a kid is the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s also a very big responsibility. Kids have to be fed, nursed, cleaned and loved. However, it’s also  a financially life changing event. Here  are some things you should definitely keep in mind before the big day arrives: Plan for three(or more): We get […] More

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    World Teachers’ Day

    World Teachers’ Day or International Day of the Teacher, is celebrated on October 5th every year. This event was established in 1994 and it commemorates the signing of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers in 1966. The ‘recommendation’ highlights the required standards that relate to education personnel policy, recruitment and the initial training […] More

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    Best Indoor Board Games for Kids

    Fall season is here, and that means there is also a certain dip in the temperature. While this is the best time for your kids to go out and enjoy the weather , it also means having festive dinners at home. And is a family time complete without an indoor game? As much as kids […] More

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    Self Care Sanity for New Parents

    Sanity and New Parents- sounds quite conflicting ? I am sure it does! Leave alone when the sun sets or rises, as new parents we sometimes forget that in the end we are also humans, and we also need care. While it is imperative, that as first time parents , we put all our energies […] More

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    How To make Cooking Fun With Your Child

    If you are a mom , and if you love cooking , then engaging your preschooler in the kitchen is the best possible thing which you can come up with. Many a times we end up having a rough time finding a balance between doing chores in the kitchen and finding time out for our […] More

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    Traveling in winter with your kids

    Winter isn’t coming anymore, it’s here! The days are shorter the nights are longer and Santa is getting ready to come to town again. Traveling in the vacation time in winters is always special. However like everything ends in life winter comes with its own unique set of pleasures and problems.  So whether you’re planning […] More

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    A Day in the Life Of a Mother

    Motherhood opens up a Pandora Box, when it comes to new schedule, new activities and a different routine altogether. As a child, I always used to wonder what it takes to be a mom? I never thought it was difficult, yet my mother did everything with elan and confidence. I don’t know if its true […] More

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    15 holiday movies to watch with your kids

    The winter is coming……And it’s a great time to snuggle in with your tater tots and dig in for some movie time. Every kid is created different hence most will like different kinds of movies. We have listed 15 of our favourites.  Finding Nemo : A bumbling father, a dangerously curious kid go off on […] More

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    5 Quick Tiffin Box Ideas

    As a working mom, I am always on the lookout for recipes which are easy to prepare and don’t require too much time in the morning. Mornings are usually the busiest part of the days for most families. It is because the kids have to be rushed to the school, post which parents have to […] More

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