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    Exercise During Pregnancy

    Exercise during pregnancy is very important. Most women confuse exercising with losing weight. Which is one reason why they stop committing to a daily exercise routine when they conceive. Exercise is a very broad term and there’s much more to it than just merely losing weight. It is about staying fit, and giving your body ample […] More

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    Baby Shower Ideas

    Are you pregnant and have blissfully sailed through the first two trimesters? Well now that you have stepped into the third trimester, your family and friends are gearing up for two things. The first, but of course is the baby. The next important thing which comes pretty close to the newborn is your baby shower. Baby […] More

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    Positive thinking during pregnancy

    Most women, when they find out they are pregnant, are ecstatic! Even those who haven’t really planned their pregnancy are in a state of anticipation. The energy that surrounds pregnant women should always be positive. There are some studies that state that when a girl is born, she already has the eggs which will one […] More

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    Tips To Increase Breastmilk And Support Breastfeeding

    The International Breastfeeding 2018 has just started and that means social media is abuzz with breastfeeding pictures. Many new moms or moms with older kids who have breastfed are sharing their journey through their blogs, Instagram posts, and facebook memories. That brings us to the point that for some moms breastfeeding has been nothing short of […] More

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    Friendship Day

    Friendship day is a day for celebrating friendships. In 1958, it was first proposed to have an International Day of friendship. Friendship day is a popular celebration in many South American countries. Friendship day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In India, friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. This year, […] More

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    Breastfeeding- The Foundation Of Life

    One of the fondest memory any mom can recall is the first time her child latched on to her for feeding. That is exactly how the relationship between a mother and her child is cemented for the rest of the life. Breastfeeding a newborn is one of the first of any sort of interactions a mother […] More

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    Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

    Congratulations on taking the first step to motherhood! Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for first timers and can sometimes drain your entire energy. But that surely doesn’t mean you plan to miss out on having special pregnancy announcements for your near and dear ones. Even as parents-to-be take one of the first steps in this journey, they […] More

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    Pregnancy Power Foods

    Congrats on those two pink lines, Mumma! Well, for now, it is time to focus on your overall health throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Eating the right pregnancy power foods and in proper quantities is just one of the million steps you need to take in order to ensure a healthy and a happy […] More

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    Setting Up a Kitchen Garden With your Little one

    One of the first problems mums face with their children as they start solids is that their kids don’t respond well, to all foods. And in the long run, they tend to become fussy-eaters. No wonder feeding her own child becomes a very tiring task for a first-time mom. The first tip, which I as […] More

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    Reasons why a Staycation is a Good Idea for Parents.

    The first thought which comes to any couples’ mind about going the family way is very weird these days. They go bonkers thinking as to what will happen to their Me-time, what will happen to their vacations! Yes, you heard it right. Even before they can think if they are prepared for it mentally or […] More

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    8 Ways your Kids can get Exercise Indoors

    Summer vacations are just about to end. As they draw to a closure, we are sure your mommy brain is also exhausted of ideas to keep them busy. So today on the blog we present to you some indoor exercises which your child can easily practice at home. This will not only help in keeping […] More

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    Organizing Tips For New Moms

    Having a baby after the beautiful period of the good old nine months is always a gorgeous welcome from the big belly to holding the tiny one in your arms. We often make our home in accordance with the new member of the family. There are various things a family does before the baby arrives, […] More

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    World Doll day-Dolls are important for Role-Playing

    As I sit down to write this article, I suddenly go back into my own time of playing with dolls. Also, my little girl still plays with a doll which I perpetually owned almost like 17-18 years back. And no the doll fixation doesn’t go for children until they turn at least 10 years old. […] More

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    Best Friend’s Day

    June 8th, 2018 is celebrated as Best Friends Day. As the American journalist, Edna Buchanan says, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” Truer words have not been spoken. We can’t choose our family, but we can most certainly choose our friends, especially our best friends! Have you, for example, wondered if you were […] More

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    World Environment Day

    Every year, June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day. We see loads of people who are actually becoming aware of the environment and hence taking baby steps in saving Mother Earth. The environment is something with which we have been blessed with, naturally. So to us humans, it comes across as just another thing. This […] More

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    National Cancer Survivors day in the USA- A tete-a-tete with a Cancer Survivor

    The United States Of America celebrates 3rd June as National Cancer Survivors Day. It is a celebration for those who have managed to survive the dreaded ‘C’, an inspiration for people who are currently undergoing treatment. It is also a day for reaching out to people who have cancer and informing them that there is […] More

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    Role of parents in a child’s life

    They say parents are a child’s first teachers. A child is like a lump of clay – a raw, unfinished product. Parents are the first ones to start molding that lump of clay. Later on, there are grandparents, teachers, friends, and society. Irrespective of who the child encounters over the years, their parents will always […] More

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    Tobacco and Its Bad Effects

    I pass every day being busy all the time! It is not that I am a workaholic, in essence, I find no time for much rest. My lack of time is also due to my career choices and my little one. She demands my time at the end of the day, and I guess she […] More

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    The answer to the question, “Mom I am Hungry” is here! #TimetoGrow

    When a child says, “Mom, I am hungry what is there to eat” the child doesn’t expect the answer to be Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Fats, Minerals, and Fiber. The child doesn’t even expect answers like Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, Poultry, and Grains. The kind of answers that today’s generation expects is Noodles, Pasta, Pizza, Burger, Cake, […] More

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    I am a Mommy and I still need my Girl-Friends

    I am a mom. On some days I am treated and regarded as a HERO by the entire world. While on the other days they expect me to have no life of my own! What a striking contrast a woman faces in her life. This so-called dictation of rules by the society increases to three […] More

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