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10 things to keep your kids busy


Kids have a lot of energy and they need to burn it somewhere. Remember that time when you neatly arranged your ironed clothes in the cupboard and went to get a drink of water and junior with your back turned, turned the cupboard upside down in a jiffy. Here are a few things you can do to keep them busy. 

  1. Give them a big white cartridge sheet or a chart paper with a pack of oil pastels. Let their imagination go wild and hang their masterpiece on the fridge or a “Wall of Fame” where you can store all the ‘masterpieces’.
  2. Paper transport: Not all vehicles have to be big,stable or even have wheels. After all the earth is 71% water. You can race paper boats, you can also go on YouTube and find amazing designs for boat making. Who knows you just might have a talented engineer in the house.  
  3. Board games: Flash is temporary and Class is permanent. Board games such as snakes & ladders, Ludo, monopoly, chess etc. These games remind us of some special times in our childhood because it helped us in learning all kinds of life lessons. Kids learn how to do basic math, understand the concept of money and much more. In games like Ludo they also present your child with reasoning and logical problems which comes handy later in life. 
  4. Netflix and chill: This is the latest addition to the list. There are just a couple of things you need to take care of : parental control and time allocation. Just make sure they are watching age appropriate content and they don’t watch it all day. 
  5. Get a pet: The best way to make your kids responsible is not by teaching them how to handle themselves but by making them entirely responsible for someone else. The easiest way is to get them a dog or cat or rabbit or a turtle for that matter. Your kid will get a friend for life along with the capability of understanding someone else’s needs. 
  6. Creative chores : Gamification is a recent term you might have heard of.  This is a new method which is used by many learning apps. So here is how it goes for example make a chart in your home with boxes on different levels that your child colours every time they do a chore. After the final level your kid will receive a reward of their favourite ice cream or chocolate. 
  7. Mozart-o to be or not to be : 3 years of age is the ideal age for any kid around the world to be handed a musical instrument. You can start simple like a ukulele, a flute or a djembe drum set, these are both relatively cheap options which are easy to learn and are a great gateway to more complex instruments like guitar, violin, saxophone or a full drum set. 
  8. Sports:  This one does not need a lot of explaining. Sports and games is a time tested way of teaching team work, developing social skills as well as the infinite health benefits. Also a child that plays regularly is the child that eats regularly, less screen time and the list goes on…..
  9. Garden : A connection with the Earth is what we are losing fast in this day and age. Whenever possible take your babies away from the plastic and concrete to Mother Nature’s lap. They will also get a very early introduction to botany and zoology. Give them a few seeds and make them water the plants everyday. Make sure you keep the sharp tools away.  
  10. Phone calls to grandpa : The best babysitters are grandparents. Kids love them and they love the kids. You will never find people who are more eager to take care of your kids. Incase your parents don’t live with you or close by, then hail video calling!! 

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