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5 Best natural stain removers

First lets put this out in the open, all kids are dirty! There isn’t a single parent out there who hasn’t gone through the pain of looking at a stain art on clothes, bed sheets, carpets, wall, mat and the list goes on. Here are a few natural stain removers that will get the work done.

  1. Salt : You have got to act quick. As soon as the stain occurs, run it under water. The timing is the key, if you act quick you there’s a fair chance that you will get the stain out before it settles into the fabric of the cloth. In case its a little too late then sprinkle a generous amount of salt directly on the stain before it dries on the fabric. Salt acts as a scrub as well, gently rub the fabric and see if the magic works.
  1. Lemon  : Say you are running behind your kid with a glass of milk and one of you slips and there’s milk all over! Harsh right? Any kind of protein stains such as meat curry/juice, eggs or dairy products need to first treated with running cold water. That usually takes care of the stain if acted on immediately. However sometimes you are too busy and can only get to it later on. Soak the fabric in cold water because now its a stubborn stain, rub it lightly with lemon and that should do the trick.
  1. Vinegar : I would like to begin with saying that you must not use vinegar on protein stains. However vinegar is your best friend if the stains are from berries or tomato. Rinse the stains under cold water and then soak overnight in vinegar and water. When you wake up in the morning the stains will have magically disappeared. Vinegar also helps with old stains, soak them overnight and then rub the stains with a brush and mild soap.
  1. Baking Soda : Sometimes those stains are very stubborn and vinegar alone doesn’t do the trick. That’s when you can make a paste of vinegar and baking soda and rub it generously on the stained area. Let it sit for 30 minutes before you wash it under runny cold water. Baking soda also helps with oil and grease stains, scrub the stains with wet brush and run it under cold water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER.
  1. Baby Powder : What about those nasty curry and oil stains? Sprinkle baby powder over the stains and let the powder soak all the oil. Once that happens a layer of greasy powder will appear on the surface of the fabric, that is when you can rub that with a wet brush and wash it with vinegar and water. There’s no guarantee for those year old stains but it’s definitely worth a shot.



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