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5 Must watch Tv series with kids


Cartoons are not just entertainment devices, they are also a a medium which can help your little learner grow their knowledge of the world. They can entertain using puppets, song and dance routines as well as good old fashioned questions and answers, here’s a list of 5 television shows that we think provide a good dose of knowledge in addition to making your little tornado hop, skip and jump!!!!

  1. Sesame Street : Wow! Is it a plane? Is it a pillow? No! It’s Big Bird, our favourite giant yellow canary. Sesame Street has a great cast of characters like Elmo, Mister Snuffleupagus, Alice and so many others. But I like Big bird the best, he always has a lot of questions as he does not always know the answers to various questions that pop into his head. In this way Sesame Street just does not ask your kid to have knowledge, it also teaches them to ask questions and be curious about the world.


  1. Dora-The Explorer : Dora is a 7 year old Latina girl who is always off to one or another quest along with her trusty purple bag pack and her monkey friend Boots. What is so great about this cartoon show is that Dora does not do all the exploring by herself. The viewer at home can help Dora in identifying the various artefacts she finds. They can also help her beat her arch nemesis Swiper, the naughty fox. Dora is more than entertainment as your kids learn a great deal while they dance to the ‘we did it’ song.


  1. Peppa Pig : Peppa Pig is very contemporary, even you must have seen this delightful scamper on her adventures with her family and friends. Ideal for pre schoolers, its completely family oriented and also shows a lot of diversity as each of Peppa’s friend are a different kind of mammal like the Rabbits, Susie Sheep, the Zebras and so on. It is as delightful as it is full of activities that Peppa and her friends do.   


  1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood : This show constantly celebrates family bonds and friendships. It also teaches kids the simple life skills that are useful during the preschool age and beyond. This series addresses social strategies in a fun and gentle manner. It teaches your kids to embrace and handle their emotions gracefully entirely based on their age.


  1. Dexter’s Laboratory : Dexter, a boy genius who slips away to his secret laboratory to find solutions to various problems. His biggest struggle is to keep his sister Dee Dee away from inventions and experiments. It’s a  favourite among the kids from the 90s, so this animated series is simultaneously fun for both kids and adults.



Let us know what you saw on tv when you were young and what your kids watch today.

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