5 Quick Tiffin Box Ideas

As a working mom, I am always on the lookout for recipes which are easy to prepare and don’t require too much time in the morning.
Mornings are usually the busiest part of the days for most families. It is because the kids have to be rushed to the school, post which parents have to get their morning chores sorted and hear out for work. As a result, most parents look out for fuss-free breakfast ideas both for their kids and their own selves.

A very nice tip by which I swear by is preparing in advance for the week ahead. I usually write down, as to what I am going to pack in my daughter’s lunch box for the school. Keeping a diary dedicated for this purpose is a great idea. Or you can have a quirky whiteboard in your kitchen wherein you can write down food ideas for the entire week as and when you want.

While our first priority is that the lunch box meals are nutrient-rich, time is a constraint as well. Most parents focus on healthy meals, but preparing them in the morning is what scares them the most.

Today on the blog we present some easy and quick ideas ideal for your kids’ lunch boxes. We are pretty confident your child will relish them as well.


This pink colored dosa has been my girls’ favorite in the recent times. The best part about this dosa mix is that it hardly takes any time to prepare. On top of it there is absolutely no need to ferment the dosa mixture like the traditional mix. Just add curd to the powder mix and let it sit for a maximum of five minutes post which it can be drizzled on the pan. Pour a generous quantity of ghee over them and pack it your kiddo’s lunch box. The dosa comes with the goodness of millets and beetroot, all packed in one single dosa, thus making it a great snack as well.


Wheat paratha wraps are your second best bet when it comes to ideas for tiffin box meals. For ease of preparation and to save on time, you can always prepare the vegetable mix, a night before and deep freeze it for use. Next morning, saute the veggies a bit and roll them into steaming hot parathas. Making the parathas and wrapping into rolls is a great idea when it comes to ease of eating.Your child can just dig into his favorite paratha and eat without any fuss at the school.


Eggs are a hit with children and not to forget the goodness of protien with which they are loaded. Make scrambled eggs and layer them inside the bread with a layer of cheese slice and toast for a couple of minutes for each side on the pan.


Be it their favorite elbow pasta or the cheesy spiral one, children are big fans when it comes to having pasta. Toss in some veggies and your kids’ favorite sauce and you can only expect an empty tiffin. Make the pasta more interesting by adding food color to it.


This is by far my favorite as well, as it takes hardly 5-7 minutes for preparation. Just take a quarter cup of wheat, toss into the pan and roast it with ghee for a couple of minutes. the roasting should continue until it starts turning brown. Once the color has come out fully, turn off the gas and start by adding water carefully to the pan. Remember to continuously stir the mix as you are adding water. This is basically done to avoid the formation of lumps. Once you have added water and obtained the mushy consistency turn on the gas stove again, add sugar as per taste and take the pan off the gas stove. Top the halwa with some cashews or almonds and pack for your kiddo’s lunch.





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