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6 signs you are depressed

The world may be a smaller place now due to the advancements in technology and social media, but it is also a more lonely time. Due to so much work and stress, complications can arise. One of these signs is depression. 

Depression can be handled if identified at the right time. Here are some signs of depression that you should look out for:

  1. Withdrawal: People suffering from depression tend to avoid social events like marriage, birthdays or even trips to the all with friends. However, if someone around acts in this manner, think about how they were before. Have they always been socially awkward or did it start recently. If it’s the second one,you should start considering depression as a possibility.
  2. Too much sleep (or too little): Sleep patterns are bound to change with a new kid on the block. There is a lot of work, what with feeding your kid, changing nappies…the list goes on. So it’s totally to feel tired and sleepy.     However, if you find yourself unable to work but still feel sleepy all the  time; or if you can’t sleep even after being very tired, it might be a sign that you start taking things seriously and seek some help.
  3. Lack of self worth: The arrival of a kid is supposed to be a thing of ecstasy. New parents are supposed to be feeling great about themselves and the direction that their life is taking. However you may feel uncomfortable with the new changes in your body and a feeling of no joy. This is surely a depressive symptom and a wake up call. So please go and get consultation from your doctor. 
  4. Negative thoughts : Self harm or thoughts of harming others like your spouse or even your baby may arise in your mind after delivery. There is no need to be afraid or ashamed as this is probably due to postpartum stress disorder. Just talk to your doctor about it. Acceptance is the first step to get better. 
  5. Sudden physical changes : If you have jumped up by more than a couple of sizes or shrunk vice versa. It may be a sign that the stress, the work and the hormones are affecting you physically. 
  6. Mood swings : A hundred different things during the day can impact your mood daily. However if you see yourself going overboard with your reactions, it maybe time to call your psychotherapist and set up a meeting. Take care that you compare your behaviour before your pregnancy and not to someone else. 

You might have all sorts of feelings after reading this article people may feel guilty, ashamed or a social pariah. However know that you are not alone and remember that in today’s time there’s always someone to reach out to and always someone to give you advise. If you have any tips or would like to share your experience then please do write in the comments below. 

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