7 ways to make chores fun for kids

We know that every kid is a handful in his or her own unique way. Trying to keep them busy is a task for any parent. Here are a few ideas to make chores fun for kids. Let us know if you would like to add more. 


  1. You can hide stickers, treats, chocolate or maybe some coins and then ask your kid to dust the room. Let them know that they can enjoy their rewards only after the chore is completed. 
  2. You can make individual list of chores for each of your kids and whenever they finish one task from the list have them mark it with a sticker or crayon. Whoever has the most stickers or colourful dots wins the helper of the day/week award. A little healthy competition among siblings is always fun. 
  3. Arrange for a treasure/scavenger hunt. Make of list of stray things like magazines, newspapers, shoes etc. Set a timer while your kids collect all these items from the house. The winner gets a treat, however appreciate all the kids and encourage them to try and win the next time. 
  4. Turn a bucket or a basket into a personalised cleaning caddy. Use a marker to write your child’s name on it and let them decorate it the way they want. Store cleaning supplies such as sponge, tissues, dust rag and roll of paper towels etc. 
  5. Money is motivator for kids that understand the concept of currency. However allowances should be reserved only for teenagers. For elder kids, simple make a list and let them know that they can earn some pocket money from completing a few chores. 
  6. Keep providing positive reinforcement for your kids. Constantly criticising your children during or after their chores puts their morales down. So first appreciate the part they have done well and then tell them what could be done better. Also ask for their insights on the task and how it could be improved. 
  7. Challenge your kids to create interest in simple chores like making their bed, empty small trash cans , match socks or sort clean laundry and so on. Always do these chores with them or at least supervise before they have mastered it. 

Make sure you keep encouraging them and giving feedback instead of criticism. You can have great conversations with your kids over washing the car or walking the dog together. If you are confused about how to start then read online about it. A chore system ensures that your children learn how to keep their own house clean and tidy when they get older. You don’t just manage your household but also teach your kids values for life.

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