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A Day in the Life Of a Mother

Motherhood opens up a Pandora Box, when it comes to new schedule, new activities and a different routine altogether. As a child, I always used to wonder what it takes to be a mom? I never thought it was difficult, yet my mother did everything with elan and confidence. I don’t know if its true or not, but motherhood definitely gives you wings. It makes you stronger than ever before. The gene of bravery and strength gets embedded in us as soon as we deliver our kids. Because no woman came into this world prepared to be a mother. We all learn with each passing day, and it is even amazing to see how we can ace most tasks all by ourselves

While these are some of the rosy things about motherhood, there is a flip side as well. There comes a time in each new mom’s life where she thinks she can’t do it. There are times of failure when her child falls sick or is not having his meals. It is during these times we feel that it can’t get any worse than this. Talk about trying times in life – How to deal with a cranky toddler, or a fussy eater is one of them. New moms often feel burnt out and tired to an extent that leave alone attending nature’s call, she doesn’t even take her meals properly.

Today on the blog we talk about small snippets in ‘A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DIFFERENT MOMS’:


She makes it a point to wake up before everyone else in the house. All this so that she can have some time for herself while the family still sleeps. Which also means sneaking out some time for yoga as well. If she prefers to cook, she starts prepping up for breakfast for her better half and the little one. Most stay at home moms, these days prefer to work from home- this may be either in the form of a small business or any other work from home activity, hence they don’t cook that often. Which in turn means supervising the cook to prepare meals for the entire family is also one big task which needs to be struck off.

Afternoons are usually spent running errands, or managing the entrepreneurial life. Post which they pick their kids from school. Evenings are all about spending time with the family, activity classes and wrapping up with dinner before retiring for the day.


‘On your toes’ – is what best describes a working mom. I am a working mom, and I can literally swear by that quote. There is not even one second, where I think my mind is free. It is either a software issue which got stuck in production at work or what special day is it at my child’s school tomorrow. My mind can rightly be called a pot which is overflowing with things I am unable to handle sometimes.

Most working moms swear by planning at least 1-2 days in advance so that the morning chaos can be avoided. This means taking out clothes from the closet, already prepping up for meals for the next day a night before. Mornings are all about getting things at one place and finally leaving for work after dropping kids to school. Evenings are about assisting and supervising the cook to make a scrumptious meal as that is one meal the entire family has together.

Motherhood can be a whirlwind of emotions and new tasks when it comes to taking care of kids, home and not to miss balancing on the tightrope of handling the corporate life as well. But in the end, we manage just about everything under the sun!!!



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