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A Morning in the Life of a Single Mom

No woman comes prepared as to what it takes to be a mother! Same holds true for me as well. I never came with any preparations for motherhood. And bang when motherhood happened,  I was shouldered with the double responsibility of being a first-time mom and single parenting.

Ever since I started on this journey of single parenting, I cannot tell you the number of single parents I have met both offline and online. It is great to have a support system or someone who understands the same situation as you go through. It is primarily because they are also in the same boat as you.

Life gives us enough moments to break down. There are numerous times when out of nowhere I start blaming my single mom status for every single thing. While I am thankful for the tremendous support I have in the form of my parents and sister, but today I would like to write something different.


Today on the blog, I would like to get my imagination rolling and write down as to what my day would look like had we been living alone – with just the two of us.  I would address myself as the third person- ‘She’ or by the name ‘Alice’.


I am pretty confident, that during those initial days when I had just started single parenting, the days would have been pretty rough. Of course, they weren’t easy when I was with my parents. But being alone with a child and everything to take care of is a different ball game altogether.

She missed the alarm on the first day , when she had to join back work after her maternity leaves. It was almost half past nine when her house-help was just about to leave after standing on the door ringing the doorbell for more than ten minutes straight. Hurriedly she woke up and her bath on a cold Monday morning. Having to wait for the water to warm up when she was already getting late seemed like a luxury which she decided to give a miss. As the house help rushed through the cleaning and dusting of the nooks of the house, she got ready in the best of her formals. After all the feeling was similar to the one she felt on her first day at work.


The doorbell rings and the cook comes in hurriedly, saying that she also got late to work! Oh, what a day it has been – so far! Looks like it will be a late start to the day. The cook gets in action in the kitchen. She packs steaming hot Aloo paranthas for Alice in whatever little time she could manage. For the little one, she carefully doles out the Moong Dal Khichdi into the colorful lunch box. Luz, the cook is a sweetheart. She has been with Alice when she was married and is the best she could ask for. Luz loves Alice’s daughter, Robin like her own and takes care of her . She has been a great emotional support to Alice just when the latter felt her whole world was falling apart.

Since Alice is already getting late, she asks for Luz’s help to assist her in bathing the little one today. Luz quickly takes out the little one’s clothes till Alice manages to bath her child in whatever less time she has before she starts for work. Luz dresses up the little one in a new cotton pink frock. Technically it is also the little one’s first day at the daycare.

Everything is now packed and Alice is now ready to leave for work along with Robin. Laptop bag on the shoulders, baby in the front carrier, and a handbag and the diaper bag – looks like she is ready to take on the world. On the way, she stops at the nearby church and says a little prayer just before she dashes off to her car and straps the little one to the car seat.



While there are days, when our mornings turn up like this, but there are a lot many days when we wake up feeling for having our little one around us! That is one thing which makes us feel grateful for whatever we single moms have in our lives. On days its scary and frustrating, but what makes the whole journey worthwhile is the fact how far you have come as a mom and as a human being!




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