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Addressing and Introducing local politics

When the election year is around, you are bound to discuss politics in the house. Children pick up a lot and learn from your political conversations in the house. However is active listening enough? How does a kid understand the responsibilities and the dynamics of having a democratic government and grows up to be a participant of the democratic process.

Younger children don’t have the cognitive ability to understand the complexities of our political system. However they do recognise the requirement of justice and fairness in the daily life. To begin with discuss the role of the Prime Minister, President and Ministers in our country. Discuss the concept of voting and electing a local representative who on the region’s behalf puts forward policies and complaints. Try voting in the house for little things for practicing and understanding the effect of every individual vote casted.

Kids often absorb our views political activism, democracy and social justice mostly through their surroundings at home, school, society and social gatherings. If your kids are in the primary school take them out to see the local voting booths, state buildings and historical museums. This is age for them to begin understanding abstract concepts independently.

Election time is the best time for you to start addressing and introducing local politics to your children.While parents think that boys are assertive and strong willed, their contributions give them the tag of being strongly opinioned whereas girls for similar behaviour are often called bossy. Refrain from doing so, no matter what the gender of a child is if their inclination is towards leardership try to hone those skills and give them proper schooling.

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