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An Open Letter to my Working-Mom

Dear Mom,

It was teacher’s day today, and I did exactly what you asked me to do. I made up by putting my best smile forward at school today and making up for not giving any card or craft to my teacher at the school today. The teacher told me that my glistening smile is the best gift she had received in the entire day. Well that kind of makes up for everything, right?

This morning just as you were getting me ready for school. I could see you trying to hide that tiny tear which was making its way down your lovely edible cheeks! Mommy in today’s world when all of us are trying to find that perfect balancing scale I see you soar and ace task with so much elan!. Mom, it is absolutely alright if I didn’t take any craft for my teacher at the school today, because we are humans. And humans make mistakes too! Let us not punish ourselves.

It is absolutely okay if you forgot to pack the card for teachers day in my bag! This is life and we are humans!


I think as I grow up to a gorgeous, generous and happy woman like you, i am only going to remember the lessons you taught me, the travels we took and the experiences we gained right? All this is just going to vanish in thin air and is too minor to be registered in my memory bank!

I know you have a lot on your plate, but when I see you putting in so much effort for me, I can’t help but thank my stars enough. On days I felt disheartened and disappointed it was you who pulled me out and said that its only a matter of time before good times begin to roll!  Time doesn’t remain the same.


Being a parent is tough, and being a working mom makes the stakes even higher. Mom, you aren’t alone in this journey. I have had friends whose parents are in the same boat! I am telling this to you so that you feel normal and to reconfirm your belief in the fact that ‘GUILT IS NOT FOR STRONG PEOPLE LIKE US! Guilt will come and go, but what will stay are these memories which we are building over the years as you strive hard to master the art of balancing work and home.

I am sure your parents also made mistakes, forgot to even keep lunch in your school bag at some point in time! But can you recall any of those incidents? No, right! You only remember the times when your dad took you to the favorite ice cream parlor or for a swimming lesson.

When I grow up, I want to be a working mom, because I want to experience and learn how it takes to build so many lives! Yes, I know there are tonnes of sacrifices involved, but don’t you forget we have got your back and we love you even more.

My best part of the day is when you tell me those silly monster and dragon stories. Mom I really look forward to the storytelling sessions each night wherein we chase away the demons and the monsters and sleep with fairy dust guarding us for the rest of the night.

Mom, you are doing it all right! We’ve got the best and we couldn’ have asked for more!


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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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