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Things to do for the assessment of incident scene –

  • Vehicle shall be moved to safe area if possible, ignition shall be switched off, handbrake shall be pulled and if the vehicle has LPG tube, valve shall be closed,
  • Scene shall be marked in a visible way by using the triangle reflector, etc..
  • Curious people shall be kept away from the scene.
  • Smoking shall not be allowed to avoid the risk of a possible explosion and fire at the scene,
  • In case of gas leaking, necessary prevention shall be taken to avoid poisoning.
  • The scene shall be ventilated.
  • Any kind of lightning or call bleep which may cause spark shall not be used.
  • Sick/wounded shall not be moved.
  • Sick/wounded shall be checked in terms of vital signs (A, B, C).
  • Sick/wounded shall be evaluated in terms of fracture and bleeding.
  • If sick/wounded is unconscious, anything oral shall not be given.
  • Sick/wounded shall be kept warm.
  • Medical assistance shall be called.
  • Sick/wounded shall be taken care with gentle and tolerant, anxiety shall be eliminated.
  • Sick/wounded shall be prevented from seeing her/his own wound.
  • Information about sick/wounded and scene should be recorded,.
  • Shall wait on the scene until medical assistance arrives.


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