Backpacking with your kids

Are you planning to take your kids backpacking ? Don’t confuse it with trekking or hiking. Backpacking is a style of Travelling that can be introduced to kids at a very early age.The freedom of backpacking is cost effective and that’s essential to families. A lot of parents in today’s world are choosing homeschooling and world schooling over the conventional method of schools. Backpacking offers exposure to learning at all times from different experiences. Here a few tips before you go backpacking with your kids. 

  1. Child friendly accommodation : It’s essential that you find guest houses and other lodging that have larger outdoor spaces with greenery around it. It’s important that your children are able to run around during your stay anywhere. You can also keep an eye out for the local children, the best of cultural exchange happens that way. Make sure you check their rooms for child safety, dodgy wiring, trip hazards, sharp edges and so on. 
  1. Individual Backpacks : For younger children if you get backpacks and gears it’s highly possible that you will end up carrying them. For kids over 9 years of age you can buy comfortable and light backpacks that carries their essentials. Let them pick the colours of the bags and invite them to share their ideas about the style. Make sure the backpacks are according to the kid’s size and weight. When everyone in the room has their own backpack, sorting out laundry is easier and it goes back to its rightful place  and user as soon as you get it. It will also be easy for your kids to find their own things, clothes and toys making them responsible little adults. 
  1. Pack light : Our best advice for you is take whatever clothes they have at home that fit them or perhaps are slightly bigger. Don’t go shopping for extra travel clothes, it’s essential that you don’t fill the bag to the brim. It’s okay to avoid the just in case set of clothes, because you won’t need them. While on the road you will find a lot of local things that you would like to buy for your children. However if their bags are full of clothes you bought back home, you won’t be able to add anything new. Also make sure they have long sleeved cotton shirts and trousers to save them from the sun and mosquitoes. Try avoiding whites because it’s a nuisance to wash them on the go separately. For the toys quota, let them choose their special toys that they can’t go without, cut the load as much as you can. 
  1. Keep feeding and watering : There no doubt in our minds that hungry kids are grumpy kids ! It’s essential that you are always stocked up on snacks and water when on a train or a bus. However don’t tell them that you have all these biscuits and snacks, because in that case they will end up being hungry 5 minutes after lunch. Always carry extra water, you never know what you may need it for. Some kids are picky about their food, so if it’s difficult for them adjust with the local food. In that situation let them eat pizza and burgers, it’s their comfort food it also helps the kid become familiar with the new place and they adapt to new environments even better. 

There are a lot of things that a parent has to keep in mind while travelling with kids, these are a few important things to take care of. Share your experiences and tips in the comments section below. 

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