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Benefits of a home cooked meal

Social eating is currently a trend in the entire world right now. The young are no longer inviting family and friends to home cooked meals without occasion. Everyone prefers to eat at fast food and lavish restaurants, order take outs or simply know at the street food. Obesity today is as big a problem as anything else. However you can enjoy the benefits of home cooked meals not just to improve your physical health but also your mental health, all this while saving money.

Initiates conversations for family bonding : The entire family can use a little break time from screens and have face to face normal conversations during mealtime. Researches prove that younger children learn more for their vocabulary at dinner table than with books read to them. Catching up with individual lives is done best over meals.

Learning Opportunities : For toddlers home cooked meals is a chance to explore their senses from smell to touch. Supper time becomes an opportunity to practice life skills, good food safety and build healthy eating habits. By the time your child is 12 and above, food teaches basic measurements and math skills along with various chemical reactions.

Healthier choices : Cooking all your meals at home diminishes the temptation of indulging in the variety of fried food options available easily today. You can also avoid all that extra sugar, sodium and the fats that restaurants use for enhancing your taste buds. You can bake, grill and steam all kinds of vegetables and meat. It basically puts you in the driver’s seat to control what is being consumed on your dinner table.

Old habits die hard : When young children are exposed to healthier eating habits at an early age, they are more likely to invest in their health as adults. Healthy eating habits becomes a part of their own family tradition with their kids. Dinner time facilitates conversations and bonds a family with significant impact on children.

Cleanliness : Cooking all your meals at home can give you a very clean conscience of not knowing what’s really in your food. You can personally guarantee its cleanliness. Keeping your kitchen and utensils sterile and your ingredients fresh is all you need.

Saves Money : Eating out is expensive! It’s cost effective to buy you groceries in bulk rather than a take out every night. We cant deny the controversy as to whether or not an individual meal is cheaper as a take out rather than cooking at home. However with the nutritional intake and as far as the serving size is accounted for, you will definitely save a lot more by eating in.

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