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Best Indoor Board Games for Kids

Fall season is here, and that means there is also a certain dip in the temperature. While this is the best time for your kids to go out and enjoy the weather , it also means having festive dinners at home. And is a family time complete without an indoor game?

As much as kids love being outdoor and enjoying in the lap of nature, there is something which pulls them to indoor games as well. The best part about indoor games , is that the entire family sits at one place and plays these games , alongside doing a host of other things as well. While you can cook while you are playing, your better half can help in arranging those scrumptious dishes on the dining table simultaneously. Pour a drink, or even listen to some good music as you play your favorite game with your friends and little ones.

We present some indoor games which have been a hit with families since time immemorial:

1. JENGA –



One of the most popular games which keeps children engaged for hours till the last minute is Jenga. the Jenga game comes with a total number of 54 blocks. These blocks are stacked in predefined way on top of each other. Each player has to pull out one jenga block from anywhere on the block tower. This has to be done without toppling other blocks and thus all care should be taken in order that the tower remains steady.


Another game which is very popular in large groups is the Housie. Invite your child’s friends for a lunch over and play this immensely admired game by kids as well as adults. Each member gets a ticket which has roughly fifteen numbers written on it. A person speaks out the numbers at random , and then they have to be struck off from the tickets. There are prizes for first row, first diagonal and full house on the cards.


Monopoly is one of the oldest and most popular games available. It is famous with children across the world. It is more suitable for children in the age group of 9-14 years as it mainly involves business, buying and trading different kinds of of properties.


The popularity of this game is quite evident with the fact that , it has now found its place of permanence in coffee shops or little book reading cafes as well. Apart from the fun factor , this game is a huge booster for developing vocabulary in younger children. Grab your favorite cafe latte and get those Sunday mornings rolling with a game of scrabble with your little one.

5. UNO

Another card game which breaks the age barrier is UNO. Uno basically consists of a deck of cards. This is basically a shedding type game in which each player is expected to discard one’s cards as soon as possible. the first one to do this is the winner.





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