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Best Non-Conventional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As we enter into the fifth month of the year, it is time to take out those retro shades and head to the hills as summers are at their hottest best. Whenever it comes to May, summer vacations and the umpteen activities which go along with it are on our mind. But let us remind you that May is also when Mother’s Day is celebrated!

This year, Mother’s Day is on 18th May and that means you have only a few days to plan out a decent gift or decide on something fun and qualitative with your mother. I turned 30 last year, and just like me, my mom is also aging. While very cliched gifts used to work when I was a kid, this year I decided to invest in something good and something that will be useful for my mother in the long-run.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, I am suddenly reminiscent of the times when I was a child and used to channel my inner Picasso by making handmade cards for my mother. I heave a sigh thinking back to those times when life was much simpler and greeting cards were the “IT” thing around which our lives used to revolve.

The reason why I decided to write on this topic is the very need for it. I think just like I took a decent amount of time thinking as to what I should actually buy for my mom, same goes to every other woman of my age as well. What I mean is that the internet does have umpteen options to dig and come up with some new ideas. But I feel most of them are cliched and too obvious.

The world knows that once a woman dons the cape of a mother, she puts herself on the back burner to cater to the whims and fancies of the entire family. While this is not something I support, but as I have grown up I have only come to realize that my mom is no different. With barely a few years left before she retires from her professional front, I wanted to give her some non-conventional gifts this Mother’s Day.

Here’s presenting some non-conventional gifting ideas for moms this Mother’s Day.



Ok! It might sound a bit weird to gift a health check-up to our parents. But don’t you think that is one of the best things we can do for them? I am sure that as our parents are aging, we might have taken them to a doctor’s appointment ‘N’ number of times. Why not get a complete body scan and identify the presence of anomalies? And then take corrective action for them? And if you go by the amount of stress and tension we go through in our day to day lives, which involved a hectic work schedule, I think giving a full body check-up as a gift to one’s own self is also a great idea.


My mom recently got transferred to a new job, which meant bidding goodbye to one of her oldest friends. While she was excited about the upcoming challenges at the new place, but at the same time was also emotional of leaving a friend behind. Remember the time when our grades used to get shuffled when we got promoted to the next class? We were teary-eyed! Weren’t we? I plan to give my mother a surprise by arranging a surprise meet up with her friend. While this need not necessarily happen on Mother’s Day only, I can still plan my days ahead and go with this idea.


Who doesn’t love music? And if you are wondering whether your mom loves music or not, then it is time to think again. Music does not always have to be loud and headbanging. For example, my mom is not very much into movies or serials. She always prefers bhajans and similar melodies. While the idea of gifting a portable player never crossed my mind, it was my friend who suggested this to me. These days, a portable music player comes loaded with songs of Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and R.D Burman, at the same time with a USB and Bluetooth enabled on it. Isn’t this a great gift for mommies, as it will take them down memory lane to the days when they were young?


My mom loves gardening. She is of that mindset that having a good money plant at one’s home brings prosperity and of course wealth. I don’t know how much of that makes sense, but in all this, she loves taking care of her plants. However, due to the space crunch, we don’t have a huge variety of plants on our balcony. This Mother’s Day, I have a fantabulous idea of gifting her small potted herbs. These can be grown indoors in low sunlight as well.


Giving back to the society is always a great way of thanking God for the things we are grateful for. This Mother’s Day take your mom out and distribute old clothes or books to the underprivileged and the needy. Occasionally my mom often goes to temple especially to feed the less fortunate. I feel when I go out this mother’s day with my mom it’s going to be extra special.


So ladies, if you are still having sleepless nights thinking about that gift you need for your child’s Nanima, don’t fret. I am sure these unconventional gifts are super easy and doable. Also if nothing else works out, you might as well have a back-up in the form of a handmade card drawn by your piece of heart for her Nani!





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