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Best Rice Recipes for Kids

Rice and wheat are one of the two most common grains which are used in most Indian households. Both the grains are loaded with a plethora of nutrients and hence very good for growing kids. Rice is an excellent source of vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, and minerals such as calcium and iron.

Most moms prefer rice as an ingredient in most of their dishes, as it hardly takes any time to cook, and they are free from the tedious process of kneading dough and then making chapattis!
In fact, rice water is one of the first foods which is introduced to a child once he touches the six-month milestone. The white starchy solution is an excellent source of carbohydrates for your little one.

Here are some rice recipes which you can churn out for your little ones quite easily.


One of the most popular savories in the North Indian households is Rice Kheer. The good part is that is quite easy to prepare as well. It is basically a sweet dish, which is prepared by boiling rice in milk over a slow flame for at least an hour or so. As the time proceeds, the rice grains become soft and the milk thickens up a bit. After this, sugar or jaggery is to be added as per taste and your delectable kheer is ready to be served. In south rice kheer is popularly known as ‘Rice Payasam’.


Khichdi in an extreme mashed cum liquid form is often fed to an infant once he touches the six-month milestone. As your child grows up, you can start adding vegetables for added taste and nutrition as well. Moong dal khichdi is one of the best options as it is very light on the stomach and is  easily digested.


Curd rice is immensely popular in many south Indian states as well as other South-East Asian nations as well. Children love curd in any form and including it with rice can possibly be the best combination ever! Curd rice is one of the easiest rice recipes and very easy to cook as well. You just need to have rice boiled separately. For the tempering take 2 tbsp ghee in a pan, add mustard seeds, dal and saute for a bit. Now add curry leaves and asafoetida. You can also completely avoid curry leaves if your child doesn’t like its taste. Give some more time for the tempering to sizzle. In the meantime, mix rice with curd. The consistency should be just right- neither too drippy nor too dry. Now pour the tempering over the curd rice and serve cold.


Pulao rice is a great way to sneak in vegetables in your child’s’ diet. For children as young as six months, you can puree the veggies and mix them with rice and serve. For preschoolers, you can cook the vegetables properly before adding the rice to the pressure cooker. Top it with some coriander garnishing as well. Serve it with their favorite boondi ka raita.


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