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Best Sunscreen For Kids

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May is here. The fifth month of the year. Summer is at its peak. Most schools are shut because the sun is at it’s shiniest best and temperatures are soaring further. Apart from keeping our kids hydrated, the other key point to note here is – sunscreen.

Often we mistake sunscreen as part of a beauty regime. This, in turn, makes us think why kids would need it. Well, the answer is – WE ALL NEED SUNSCREEN. And in today’s time when global warming is only increasing day by day, we need copious amounts of sunscreen to protect ourselves.

Due to the depletion of the ozone layer, the UV rays penetrate our skin. In fact, in many countries, doctors advise against stepping out without sunscreen. Also one should remember that just a single application of sunscreen is not enough if you are out in the sun the whole day.



This is my latest discovery in the market of sunscreen for kids. I have been using it for roughly two months now. Summers are its peak which means even at 8 A.M. when we wait for our school bus, the sun is at its super and shiny best. Thus the Mamaearth sunscreen has become our everyday post-bath routine.

The best part about this sunscreen is that it is mineral based, certified toxin-free and hypoallergenic. Until Mamaearth happened in my life, I was really not aware of the term ‘mineral based sunscreens’. Chemical-based sunscreens get absorbed into your body, so as a result absorb the sun’s rays, perform a chemical reaction internally and then kick out the heat out of the skin.
Mineral sunscreen contains zinc oxide and titanium oxide. They reflect back the sun’s rays like a mirror to protect the exposed skin.

Also, I found that the SPF of 20+ is a little low keeping Indian summers in mind.

The typical fragrance is the one of calendula and aloe vera. Just like any other sunscreen this also takes an effort to get absorbed into the skin.


Next in line is the Sebamed sunscreen. I have used this quite a lot during the first two years of my daughter growing up. The Sebamed sunscreen has a very faint fragrance. In fact, it is so light that one might not even notice it and hence it goes unnoticeable. I am all up for fragrance-free products when it comes to children, as it is said stronger is the fragrance, more are the chances of additives in it. I found this to be thicker if I had to compare it to Mamaearth, which made application a bit difficult.


Chicco as a brand does not need any introduction. If you are a mommy or a mommy-to-be, we are sure someone in the family or in your friend circle might have recommended you this particular brand. The sunscreen from Chicco comes with an SPF 50+ which is great as per Indian summers. The fragrance of Chicco sunscreen is very typical, just like other Chicco baby products.



One of my oldest memories of childhood has been the blue color Nivea cream box. There was a huge charm about using Nivea in those times, all because it was a bit expensive then. Such was the obsession, that my mom would ask anyone returning from America or London to get Nivea cream for her!

I have used Nivea for my daughter on our holidays mostly. I have particularly used this one on holidays because of the rave reviews I had heard of this product online. This is completely water resistant and comes with an SPF 50+.


Well now that you have all the brands listed out for you, don’t make the mistake of applying your sunscreen for your little one!

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Written by Udita

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