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Breastfeeding- The Foundation Of Life

One of the fondest memory any mom can recall is the first time her child latched on to her for feeding. That is exactly how the relationship between a mother and her child is cemented for the rest of the life. Breastfeeding a newborn is one of the first of any sort of interactions a mother has with her child.

No wonder doctors all over the world, emphasize the need of breastfeeding. That is also one reason why it is important to breastfeed your newborn during their first-hour post birth. To 90 % of women, breastfeeding is more than just a physical or any other regular activity. It is an emotion which makes a woman forget the seething pain of her vaginal delivery. New moms feel that what makes breastfeeding an even better experience is the knowing the fact that it suffices for 90 % of the child’s nutrition for the first 6 months. Isn’t that a certain sort of a miracle, where a newborn just lives on breastmilk and literally requires nothing else?


It is a great feeling for any mother to know that those chubby cheeks and rolls on the arms are a result of her breastmilk. Breastfeeding is a powerful emotion for most moms. It goes to an extent that sometimes if she is not able to express milk, she doesn’t feel okay. This again comes down to the fact that breastfeeding is so ingrained in women, that if immediately after childbirth she isn’t able to express, it has a negative effect on her.

In fact, it can be rightly said that there are as many emotions of breastfeeding, as there are kids in this world. That is because just like no two pregnancies can be alike, the same holds true for breastfeeding. Even a woman who has had more than one child would say the same.

Presenting some of the things you need to keep in mind :



Breastfeeding your newborn during the first hour of his life is of utmost importance. While most doctors do it, there is still a certain percentage of doctors who don’t take this up seriously. As much as skin to skin contact is important, same holds true for the first golde milk which a woman’s body produces. This is colostrum and in most cases, it goes waste.

Whereas on the flip side human body produces a very rich milky substance called colostrum which is super rich in antibodies. Also one should understand that colostrum is different from breastmilk. It is one which precedes breastmilk.

What is lacking is the fact that most first time moms aren’t even aware of what colostrum is. And they end up missing giving the golden milk to their newborns! Thus, one has to be well informed and asking your doctor all sorts of information is the key here.


As stated earlier, you can start breastfeeding as soon as your baby is born. While initially, the colostrum is what the child takes in, and slowly it paves way for breastmilk.
If your newborn has learnt how to latch that is enough to stimulate breast milk production. However, if your newborn is not able to latch in properly you might need to take help of a lactation consultant. While abroad lactation consultants are fairly common, this practice has slowly started building up in India as well. A lactation consultant is a trained person who will guide you through your difficulties in breastfeeding, latching issues e.t.c.

90%  of women start producing milk within 4-5 days of their delivery if not immediately. If you are still not producing enough milk, you might have to give your newborn formula milk or milk from a donor bank.

Every year Aug1- Aug 8 is celebrated as  Breastfeeding Week across the world. While most women want to breastfeed, some aren’t able to do so because their bodies just don’t express enough milk, while others have to join back work pretty soon! In the years to gather, the community has slowly moved on to FED IS BEST FROM BREASTFEEDING IS BEST. 

What we are trying to say, is no matter what a mom will try her best to breastfeed her child, and if she is not able to do so, we should respect her decision. Pulling down a woman for not breastfeeding her child is certainly not acceptable. A woman chooses what is best for herself and the child, and there can be numerous reasons behind it. So let us support each other in this journey, whether it is of breastfeeding or formula feeding!

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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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