Child friendly Pasta dishes

Now we all know that kids are fussy eaters. However there’s one thing that goes down very well in every household, Pasta. It’s filling, comforting, super versatile and very easy to prepare. So instead of making two different dinners, why not make a kid approved pasta that everyone on the dinner table will love to try. You can add anything in pasta so here are a few ideas you can explore in your own time.

  1. Classic Mac and cheese : The thought itself makes you wonder of its ‘yumminess’ right?
  2. Roasted Vegetable Pasta : Ask your kid if they prefer boiled veggies or roasted, we bet its not boiled! Let them enjoy the soft pasta with crunchy vegetables of their choice.
  3. Pasta chicken salad : Toss your sautéed chicken breast in with the shell pasta and some greens. Serve with some cheesy sauce on top and you will have made a light, delicious and refreshing meal for the summer nights.
  4. Cajun Chicken Pasta : This is a fantastic choice for an easy to make dinner within the hour. For those kids that enjoy a bit of spice, serve it with spicy cheese garlic bread on the side.
  5. Creamy tomato Pasta : Some like the sour cream whereas other kids enjoy the tangy essence of Roma tomatoes. Why not try them both together?
  6. Mushroom mint pasta : Sometimes its very difficult to feed your kids any veggies, and if you are vegetarian then the task at hand is even more difficult. This is when you can toss some mushrooms in the mix to see what happens.
  7. Spaghetti Carbonara : You will only need a handful of ingredients for this one and can make it into a one pot dinner. It will take you less than half an hour to get done with it and we assure that its going to be an instant hit with the kids.
  8. Spinach and cheese Lasagna : This is our favourite low carb version of pasta. You can add cottage cheese and your choice of vegetables to make everyone fall in love with it, kids and adults alike.
  9. Greek salad pasta : Bulk up your dinner of pasta by adding fresh fruits in the final mix. Try mangoes, pineapple, apple or even pomegranates to enhance the flavour of your pasta.
  10. Baked Ravioli : Your ravioli can have this flavour boost with a layer of thick meat sauce. After making the pasta the way you do, stick it in the oven in a baking dish with lots of cheese on top.The result is a tasty twist of your favourite traditional ravioli dish.

When we have picky little eaters in the house, its important to find ways to fool them and feed them the veggies their growing bodies need. Don’t think twice before sneaking in veggies in your kid’s diet. They will get over it!

Let us know what we missed out!

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