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Children and Pets

Pets are your kids best friends

Pets are an integral part of life for a lot of children across the world. Parents need to be involved and be open for discussion when planning to a get pet for the house. A child that learns to take care of an animal and treat it kindly will learn to be kind and patient with other people in their life. However there are also some health concerns that you must take care of before adding an extra member to the family. Here are a few pointer if you are looking to adopt a pet.

Dogs : The first thing you need to take care of is find out whether your kids are allergic to dogs. If that is the case then you can get them hypoallergenic dogs like poodles, Maltese or Shih Tzu. Dogs are wonderful pets and are generally very good with children. Children under the age of 4 may not have a lot of control over their impulses so they should be monitored all the time. If you have younger kids, know that you will be taking care of the dogs but keep adding more responsibilities for your kids as they grow older.

Cats : Cats are way less demanding in terms of the maintenance. They generally just sleep around and will only play with you a hours in the day. It’s very important to use common sense and create a basic safe environment where they can interact with the kids. The cat should have a proper litter box and should be trained to use it. If you are a younger mother and expecting then you should use by powder and lotion so that the cat gets used to the smell that will come from the baby. The cats nails should be clipped to keep the baby safe. Otherwise there’s not a lot to worry about, its cool, cool, cool!

Fish : The best thing about keeping fish as pets is that you can have lots in a big aquarium or even a single goldfish in a simple fish tank. The easiest and cheapest one to get is obviously is a goldfish, you can just feed them pellets or you can also buy fish food which is easily available in your nearby pet stores. It’s a nice family activity where your kids can be involved in the feeding the fish and watching them eat. If you can keep a bigger aquarium Guppis are a great choice, colourful and brighter males. Just one condition, they have to either be all male or all female because they breed very fast and can break your aquarium walls. Not really though!

Turtle :  Me and my brother always wanted a dog when we were younger however our mom ended up getting us two Singapore turtles. If you feed them turtle food from day 1 and don’t introduce vegetables such as cabbage or coriander leaves in their diet overtime then there’s a good chance they will just be dependent on the packed turtle food. The female turtles are bigger than their male counterparts. After they get bigger in size and outgrow their tanks, you can put them in tubs or a small pond (provided that’s an option). They need to live on land as much as they live in water. So don’t worry if they hide in weird corners of your house. They can live without food or water for weeks so if you cant find them for a few days, don’t panic, they will come out eventually.

Rabbits : Rabbits are often adopted in pairs as they are social animals and they frequently need interaction and love. They should be handled carefully and peacefully as they have fragile bones. So do research before getting them home. Last but not the least ; make sure your home is calm and serene as rabbits are naturally ‘prey animals’ and not predators. Feed them the recommended food and not just carrots !!!

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