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Choosing the Ideal Sport for your Child.

Depending on the age of your kids you can start exploring the ideas of hooking them up with different kind of sports. Now understand that there are no hard and fast rules when picking a sport for your kid. 

Age 2 to 5

Toddlers and preschoolers are often too young for most organised sports. So this isn’t the time to stress your little one with dozen activities. At this age it’s better for kids to be a part of unstructured free play such as running, throwing, swimming, catching and dancing. However if you see your 4 year old inclined towards football or skating then encourage them to continue playing. Look around at those local clubs to see what’s the starting age for the particular sports. 

Age 6 to 9

As your kids grow up their ability to focus for extended periods of time increases. Their attention span and transitional skills start to develop, such as throwing at a certain distance and catching stances. Make sure these kids do some light stretching before playing and some cool down exercises after playing. This ensure that they don’t get injured or pull any muscles.These kids can actively take part in organised sports such as swimming, football, atheletics, gymnastics, Martial arts, tennis, badminton etc. 

Age 10 and above 

By the time your kids hit 10 or 11 their vision matures, they get better with coordination and balance and their ability to understand and recall strategies increases. Typically they can pick up complex sports such as football, cricket, basketball, handball, hockey, netball and volleyball. As your kids grow older it’s important for them to follow the diet that’s essential for their sport. However selecting the sport depends a lot on your personal finances. Sports like Cricket, Football or Atheletics can be played in school and don’t require a lot of equipments to practice. However learning golf, tennis or squash if require you to put your kid in a sports club and buy them those expensive equipments. 

Generally people have pre conceived notions that only a fast running kid can play football, tall kids are better at basketball etc. However it’s not exactly true, there are world class not so fast football players and 5’10 have been NBA champions. As long as your child apply themselves and have a spit of luck on their side then they all have their shot waiting to be taken. 

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