Chores of a Stay at home dad

The world has changed, and for the better. More and more men now choose to spend the majority of their day at home. Exciting as it is, this new setup can also be a bit confusing as centuries old gender stereotypes make an about turn. So to give all you aspiring Dads an idea of you can make yourself ore useful, here are few tips from the MyLife MyKids team:

  1. Groceries: Forget the time when easy cook pasta and noodles was the bulk of your shopping. Now, with kids and a whole family to think about, you have to be more careful. Greens, diapers and talcum powder are just the tip of the iceberg. Get I used to making thorough lists, as this helps in not getting carried away at the supermarket. Only buy stuff that is on the list and make sure everyone’s needs are met.
  2. Working out: Kids have a lot of energy that needs to burn. You are bound to have three to four hours daily in the evening when no one seems to have a lot to do. You can let everyone idle by and watch Tv or Netflix but remember. An idle kid right now will be an unstoppable ball of manic energy when Mommy comes home. To direct their energy in the right direction and to keep yourself healthy as well, you can do yoga, basic callisthenics and a whole lot more. If that is too much discipline, you van always blast the speakers and have a good old fashioned Dance Party.
  3. Laundry: This Shockley be an easy enough. With modern washing machines and their range of options, you can easily get everyone’s gear cleaned up in no time. Just make sure not to overuse detergent and that might be a bit harsh on your baby’s skin. You can also drop a pinch of antiseptic liquid to kill those pesky germs that evade the detergent. And don’t make the same mistake you made in your bachelor days. Wash everyone’s clothes and wash them on time. Folding and ironing is just as important. 
  4. Cooking: Like I said in the first point, food that can be made in under 3 minutes is no longer an option. Also in case you failed to notice, kids are dry picky eaters. It’s easy to cook wholesome, tasty meals at home if you want. Just punch in some basic recipes on YouTube and you are good to go. In my personal experience though, food blogs on Instagram are the way to go. In a couple of weeks are following the first bog you like, your Insta will be filled with quick, healthier options for cooked food as well as salads and tasty smoothies for your little food critics at home.
  5. Cleaning: Dust gathers fast and often when you have active kids at home. A baby alone is so much work that you may end up neglecting the cleanliness of the house. Dust and other dirty stuff in the house, like unclean shelves or dirty tabletops is something you must avoid as they are hotbeds of germ activity. Start keeping your trusty vacuum handy and be ready and vigilant notice as your kid is bound to eat stuff off the ground. One final pointer:  Always clean up right after eating as small crumbs can attract insects which is obviously a bad thing.

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