Christmas in India

A lot of Indians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December. The celebrations are most prominent in states where the majority of Christians live. Different people celebrate it in a lot of different ways as the population is pretty diverse in the subcontinent. 

A Christmas tree and decorations in India are not mandatory however most people choose to decorate and light their houses up. There are a lot of people who do go on a shopping frenzy but not like the Christians in America or Europe. 

Christmas has evolved over the past few years with increased enthusiasm among the youth. Since the worldwide globalisation and now that everything is available online, apps such as Instagram and snapchat facilitate a lot of cultural exchange. Everyone looks out for a few days of rest and family bonding. 

Christmas is a national holiday in India. All the national, state and local government offices and banks stay shut. A lot of other business also stay closed or at least have reduced working hours. 

Most malls and stores in metropolitan cities put up colourful Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree and also have actors playing Santa and Mrs Claus. Stores have special discounts and sale going on during this time and that increases the consumption level of food, clothes and wares. Gifts are purchased and received all around and a lot of people also receive year end bonuses around this time. 

The decorations include small electric lights, banana or mango leaves, artificial pine trees and Christmas themed ornaments. There are miniatures of clay figures depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. Actors play Mr and Mrs Claus all around the week. 

Share with us how Christmas is celebrated in your country or region.

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