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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Mothers

When was the last time you felt completely normal, fresh, recharged and all ready to go? I think as women and particularly after having babies, our lives go for a complete 360-degree switch. Not only do we go one step ahead in taking care of the little one, we also make sure that in this quest of having a newborn, we should also take care of our family in a very good way!

But have you realized that amidst all this, we end up feeling tired and exhausted most of the time? The exhaustion becomes so common that sometimes we consider it as a way of life. How wrong and unthoughtful we become of our own bodies in due course of time!

However, if you are experiencing extreme tiredness and get exhausted just a few hours into work, then it might be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. The worst part of this is, that the cause of this syndrome is not very substantial as per medical books also. Some attribute it to stress, while others say it might be a sign of an underlying infection.



Agree, we all face tiredness. But is the tiredness preventing you from doing daily and simple activities? If the fatigue refuses to go and doesn’t get better even when you take rest for prolonged periods of time, it’s time for a checkup with your doctor.


Headaches are something which we all tend to ignore as humans. That is one of the prime reasons that we fail to recognize chronic fatigue because the symptoms are very similar to what we face these days. Having frequent headaches along with a host of other symptoms is also a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome.


Returning with a muscle spasm from work every day. While science does not always say that it is a sure shot symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it is always better to get oneself checked.



One of the prime reasons why people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome is because of stress issues. In our fast-paced lives, we have only come to recognize stress as an indispensable part of our lives. This is definitely wrong and not going to help us in living a fruitful life in the long run. Thus a shift in mindset and how we deal with day-to-day activities is something we ought to learn.


We all know, how beneficial exercising is for maintaining a healthy body. The same applies to one of the key tips to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome. Since one of the major symptoms of CFS is a muscle spasm, therefore incorporating exercises on a regular basis will only help to keep CFS at bay.


Given the kind of fast pace and extremely target oriented professional lives we live today, it is important sometimes to just breathe and sit back. Men and women, both as young as 28 years, are facing burn out issues which eventually boil down to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Thus it is important that we don’t give in to such situations and try to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


A mother’s job is already a full-time hundred percent demanding job. We know how much toll it can take on our lives while doing just the so-called regular chores associated with it. When a woman suffers from CFS, it can really be strenuous for both her and the family. We are sure some of these tips and symptoms will help you in identifying this gen-next illness and battle it out and help your near and dear ones, just in case someone is suffering from it.



Women don’t like unwanted advice, especially after they become mums. Check out our article on ‘Unwanted Advice to Moms’: CLICK HERE


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