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DIY home decor ideas for kids rooms.

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of decorating your kids rooms? I think bright and colourful !! You can spend a lot and buy things to fill up the room or you can spend less money and a bit more time and customise the decor in the room for the little ones. 

Here are a few ideas you can explore :

  1. You can use old pallets and make them into shelves for shoes. 
  2. You can paint a solid wood branch and hang curtains on it. 
  3. Use old skateboards for shelves. 
  4. Construct a bed with old pallets.
  5. Use old socks as hanging pouches. 
  6. Use a styrofoam or thermacol sheet as a drawing board. 
  7. Build a Teepee indoor and stuff it up with pillows. 
  8. Use old socks for covering up legs of tables and chairs. 
  9. Turn the old birdhouse into a lamp. 
  10. You can use old pallets for indoor swings. 
  11. Make a chandelier out of your kids drawings and craftwork. 
  12. You can make stools out of wood logs and pillows. 
  13. Make a quick shelf on top of the curtain. 
  14. Use colourful tape to decorate walls. 
  15. Use removable stickers for wall decor. 

Share your ideas in comments.

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