Eating healthy with busy moms

Moms these days work a lot. We are all aware of the fact that most moms out there are also working professionals. It becomes very difficult to manage your kids and their schedule along with your work, however between all these duties we tend to neglect our own health. Here are a few tips for a working mom’s diet. 


  1. Oatmeal, one of the best health hack for early breakfast. It’s easy to prepare and you can couple it with berries, maple syrup, honey or even spices. 
  2. Go all the way with hard boiled eggs. Have them with simple buttered toast with a side of orange or apple juice. 
  3. You can have high fibre cereal with fresh fruit slices for added vitamins and milk for protein.
  4. Moong dal Omelette if you’re a vegan or vegetarian along with beet and carrot juice.


  1. Brown Rice with protein filled dal, seasonal vegetable with some tomato and cucumber salad along with a side of papad or fryms. You get all the calories you will need to last the day. 
  2. If you love chicken then make yourself some salt, pepper and garlic baked chicken along with a side of mashed potatoes for balancing your palate and picked carrots. 
  3. For a quick fix salad you can make skewers of chicken, tofu, cottage cheese or even turkey along with tomatoes, capsicum and broccoli. You can freeze these up to a week in advance and heat up anytime you are late for work. 

Evening Snacks 

  1. Keep handy a packet of crackers that you can dip in Nutella for some guilty pleasure. 
  2. Hard boiled eggs once more can be the saviour for satisfying those tiny hunger pangs. 
  3. It takes about 2-3 minutes to get some popcorn ready. Just sprinkle some salt and pepper and you’re ready to pop out. 
  4. If you’re extremely late then grab a handful of dry fruits such as raisins, almonds, peanuts etc. 


  1. Tacos are pretty easy to prep, you just need some lettuce, tomatoes, salsa ,cheese and baked beans. 
  2. Whole wheat pastas are a great hack that you can try with baked chicken pieces along with peas, pepper and cheese. 
  3. Make the old school pulao with peas, onion, soy beans and cauliflower. Enhance your taste buds with some mango pickle and curd. 
  4. Buckwheat noodles or Soba noodles are yet another way to fix a quick dinner. Toss in some red and yellow pepper, shredded chicken or tofu and marinara sauce. Your kids will also love this one. 

Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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