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Festive Season With Your Kids

We have reached the last quarter of the year. This clearly indicates that is the start of festivities in the Hindu calendar from here. The markets are buzzing with the festive spirit and there is something about India which makes it beautiful during this time of the year. The festive season starts with the onset of Navratri – or the nine nights. It officially marks the onset of the autumn season in India. Navratri is a different emotion in each of the states in India. The nine-day festival is all about honoring and worshipping Goddess Durga.


There isn’t one single way to celebrate Navratri. It is celebrated in as many ways as there are states in India. While in Gujarat, the community prefers fasting and dancing all night to the beats of Dandia and Garba. In Kolkata, it is all about feasting and Pandaal hopping to witness the magnanimous and larger than life tableau of Goddes Durga.

So here we present how you can soak up the festive spirit with  your little ones this season:


With different communities coming together, there’s no dearth of Pujo Pandals across the country. Pujo for Bengalis is about dressing up in their best of attires and go on a Pandal hopping spree. Dress up in some matching avatar with your mini version and set out for some gorgeous food and community scenes at a Durgo Pujo Pandaal near your home.


We all know how much Children are fascinated with stories. The epic story of Ramayana is something your child will listen with great enthusiasm. Then why not take them to witness a Ramayan act in a theatre group nearby or even in community parks. The Ramayana mostly spreads across the nine-day period. Its end is marked by Dussera- the tenth day when Lord Rama kills the ten-headed Ravana.


Festivals for most of us is about those yummy memories. Whether it is at your favorite paanipuri pr Puchka stall at the fair or your little one’s sweet cotton candy. Planning to go out to soak in the festive spirit in the evening, then make the most of the daytime making some mouth-watering and delectable dishes. Jelly topped cakes, mouth-watering jalebis are just some of the options to start with your little ones. Children love being involved in the kitchen and this could be a great way to spend the autumn break.



Think of Navratri, and the first thing which comes to your mind is Garba or Dandia. While dandia involves the use of wooden sticks as props, garba is played with hands as a replacement to the wooden sticks. But what connects the two is the unmatched spirit of people dancing all throughout the nigh breaking the barriers of different communities. Kids love dancing and garba might just serve as an extension to their hobby of shaking a beat to their favorite dance number.


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