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Gadgets and your kids

Since the advent of artificial intelligence and cloud technology gadgets have taken a very big leap in how we can use them. Now gadgets are used in pretty much all the aspects of our life, apart from the benefits there are also some issues that go along with them. In this article we will try to think and talk about the effects that modern gadgets have on our little ones. 

Take for example, your iPad. With advanced parental controls on streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can now monitor the content that your children are watching with much more precision then it was ever possible with the Television. Apart from cartoons and shows which might teach kids about moral values, you can also use these services to teach your kids about science, maths and other such topics by using the gadgets for infotainment and educational purposes. 

Always make sure that your child only uses all apps and websites under your supervision. The internet, and by proxy gadgets are always in risk of showing your baby content that is inappropriate and perhaps violent and that’s definitely not good for a mind that is unformed and not capable of figuring it out for themselves. So make sure that you have all that inappropriate content blocked from all the gadgets that your kids use frequently. 

Apart from this gadgets also have physical effects on your babies. Reports of Dry eyes, temporary myopia and headaches are a few common side effects for kids with too much of screen exposure have increased exponentially in recent years. So make sure you monitor and set the hours they have daily on the gadgets. 

Increasing reliance on gadgets tends to make your kids antisocial, irritable and withdrawn. For example, you used to play football as a kid on the field or the local park or maybe in your backyard with your brother. You might have played FIFA later in life however you have a connection with the sport that began on the field, not on the screen even if you saw football on the tv first you could only watch and not control it. Those interactions and experiences on the field taught kids the value of friendship, teamwork and deal with wins and losses. Now it has changed, your kid no longer has to go out and exert themselves as can get the same kind of satisfaction with online games. So take your kid to the park as often as you can. Play catch with them or let them be on a field with their peers. They might get a few scratches and bruises along the way, but remember. Scratches heal, but friends and experiences stay forever.

Sleep deprivation: Games and apps nowadays are designed in such a way that they are as addictive as they can be. Even adults are not immune to it these days so you obviously have to check that your little one’s sleep is not affected by the blue light that all modern devices emit. There are a couple of ways you can achieve this. The first one is to simply give as less screen time as possible. You can also get a lot of free apps available on AppStore and play store that come with blue light filters. It may make the screen a bit dull but also protects those beautiful eyes. 

That’s it, if you have anything more , share with us in the comments section. 

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