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Getting Pregnant in your 30’s

CIRCA 1965

Mom – have a baby before you turn 30.

Daughter – Ok, mom

CIRCA 2018

Mom – Have a baby before you turn 30.

Daughter – Mom, I’d rather be mentally and financially prepared before we finally take the plunge!

Yes, you heard it right! These are the typical conversations that daughters and mothers had way back in 1965 and what it looks like in the current scenario.

I am sure we have all heard it from our mothers and the elder ladies in the family to have at least one child before turning 30. But have you wondered why this topic is still debatable? Are you also turning 30 or crossed that cliched ’30-year mark’ and planning for a baby?

We are currently in the era of Instagram, Facebook, and self-love. Yes, at least, that is what I call the current life! People are more inclined towards themselves, their careers and of course their better halves. Which means that pregnancy or having a child in the family comes much later in life. Gone are the days when children used to come within two to three years of marriage. It was mostly because of societal pressure and also medical technology which wasn’t as advanced as it is today.

Couples now want to be very sure if they really want to have a child, all because sometimes they just don’t feel the need for it, or sometimes they are not prepared financially.

Well, if you have touched 30 and are now planning for pregnancy, and you are baffled with certain queries in your mind, then look no further. Our list will help you.

A lot of factors determine your decision to go ahead with family planning once you turn 30. If you are sorted as far as financial constraints and mental preparations are considered, then it looks like it is the right time.

Keep these pointers in mind when you finally decide to take the plunge for motherhood:


It is said that the quality and the number of eggs both get low once you turn 30. There was a reason why our grannies and mums were after our lives to have one child before 30.

There is a very scientific reason behind it. Just like other organs, our reproductive organs also age and hence the reduction in the number of eggs. As a result, fertility sees a downfall once you turn 30.


Since your chances of getting pregnant are lesser than what it would have been had you been in your twenties, it is always a good thing to speak to your doctor. If you feel that you are not able to conceive, the doctor might advise some medicines or in rare cases, he might ask you to go for an IVF treatment as well.The doctor will also ensure a full body check up which includes various issues such as irregular periods, and fibroids as well.


In 5 out of 10 cases there are high chances that your partner might have fertility issues. While this issue used to create a lot of ruckus in the old days, but now it’s mostly due to the hectic lifestyle we are following. Both of you should consult a doctor if you feel this issue is becoming a hurdle in conceiving.



Now that you have finally decided to hit the road to parenting, it is always a good idea to concentrate on your health even better. Try making gradual changes in your day to day activities like taking a brisk walk every day. Include power foods such as chia seeds, quinoa in your diet on a regular basis.

Avoid any kind of stress at work or at home. Try maintaining a calm and peaceful environment and take proper rest. You might as well include foods to increase your fertility such as berries, beans, and green leafy vegetables.


Your doctor will ask you for the list of vaccines that you have taken in the past couple of years and might ask you to go for some, just in case any of it is missing. It is always a best practice to go for vaccine immunization at a minimum of two months before you conceive.



While the screening test for down syndrome happens in every pregnancy these days, irrespective of the age of the mom-to-be, the risk of having a child with the syndrome increases as you age. Your doctor will recommend certain diagnostics during the initial stages of your pregnancy. While at 30 the risk is still less, it becomes 1 out of 700 cases once a woman turns 35.

If you go by practical experiences, you will observe no time is wrong or incorrect to have a baby! A woman has given birth to the healthiest set of babies even while they were about to touch their forties.

So mom-to-be, don’t fear. Just relax and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and go for regular check-ups to your doc! Like they say, no time is right or wrong! Go by your gut and keep yourself fit and strong, both mentally and physically.




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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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