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Getting your Body Ready for Pregnancy

A few years down into a marriage, and now deciding to take the plunge for parenting? As much as it is important to be emotionally prepared for parenting, an equally important step for women is to get their body ready for pregnancy.

The era and the time in which we are living and the amount of hours we pump in at work these days, takes a toll on our body internally in some way or the other.That is one of the prime reasons why you need to be double sure of your internal mechanism before you actually get pregnant. Also, with increasing age as a factor and other aging processes, you might need to check with your doctor before finally hitting off for the pregnancy phase.

Here are some pointers which, as a woman, you need to consider to get your body ready for pregnancy:

1. Schedule a Visit to your Gyanaec or Healthcare Provider

This is the first and most important step which you, as a woman, need to do if you are planning for pregnancy. Visit your gynecologist and talk openly to her. The doctor will discuss and ask various things such as family history, diet or eating habits, and lifestyle. All this is important for a healthy start to the pregnancy. Discuss and ask any sorts of questions you have. These questions can be around medicines which you might have taken for birth control or any other specific doubt.Try to maintain a very transparent relationship with your doctor.

2. Folic & Vitamin Intake

Once you have received the go-ahead from your doctor, she will ask you to take vitamins and folic tablets regularly without giving them a miss. Many women take folic post conception only, but for those aiming and carefully planning out a pregnancy, taking folic before you conceive is not a bad idea either. The initial few weeks are very crucial for the development of the fetus and folic acid and prenatal vitamins will surely balance out your nutrient intake, which might not be coming from regular food sources.

3. Start A Light Exercise/Fitness Regime

One of the key factors that will pave the way for a healthy pregnancy is your own pre-pregnancy weight. Being overweight can put you at risk as you progress slowly into pregnancy. High blood pressure and gestational diabetes are some of the most common symptoms which women face during the latter part of their pregnancy. If you are obese, your doc will suggest reducing weight before you finally take the plunge. For those of you who have had the go-ahead from the doc, it is always advised to go for a brisk walk for, at least, 30 minutes a day. This will keep you active and will, in a way, set a habit which can be continued for the rest of your pregnancy as well.

4. Cleanse Your Body Internally

It is absolutely important for us to have a clean internal system before we decide to jump into parenthood. That leaves us with the question – how and why? We tend to take care of ourselves in the most diligent way we can, but what about internally? In fact, many cultures promote a fertility cleanse before conception. A fertility cleanse involves the cleansing of the uterus and the liver by flushing out all the excess hormones and toxins. There are various methods of fertility cleansing such as monitoring eating habits and taking supplements or natural herbs.

5. Incorporate a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy and a balanced diet is important in all spheres of life, but it becomes one of the major driving forces for your body when you are pregnant or planning to conceive. Proteins are said to be very good for fertility, so try including them in your diet for a maximum period of time. You can have eggs, salmon, and white meat. If you are a vegetarian, then legumes and edamame are extremely beneficial.

6. Check on Your Vaccines

When you have met your doctor, it is likely that the discussion on vaccines might have come up. It is important to be vaccinated well in time so that there is no potential risk to the growing fetus. If you are not vaccinated for a certain disease, the doctor will prescribe it for you. This will be done at least a month or two before you conceive.

7. Try to Maintain a Stress-Free and Healthy Lifestyle

Now that you have finally decided to welcome a new person in your family; albeit in your womb initially, it is time to sit back and take things as they come. Keeping your day to day life stress-free is extremely vital for the well being of the fetus. Try to do things you love – these can be anything such as gardening, sewing or writing. If you are working, try to take up a new hobby. This will make you look forward to a pleasurable activity after a gruelling day at work or over the weekend. Try doing yoga or listening to calming music.

So ladies, before you finally decided to dive into the beautiful journey of motherhood, make sure to take a look at these pointers that will help you pave the way for a healthy start to pregnancy.

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Written by Udita

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