Halloween Ideas for Kids

The night is dark and full of candy. Sour mouth twisters, sugary treats, melty chocolates and crunchy caramel. Haunted houses and shrieks of laughter. Here are some ideas on how you can have the most fun while keeping it wholesome: 

Joker :   Remember the Joker from Batman? Heath Ledger? The Joker is scary and amazing at the same time. Use the homemade lipstick from beet root to make a scar across your little ones face along with talcum powder to paint the face white.

Count Dracula : He cannot step out in the sun is one thing we are sure of. Buy a pair of fake teeth, black cape and dress your kid in all black clothes. Don’t forget to teach your kid that scary echoing laugh !

Country rock musician : The ghost of country rock is back to haunt you. Get you kid a cowboy hat, a leather jacket and a small ukulele or a guitar to hold. For dialogue just teach them something simple like Howdy do? Or a couple of lines from your favourite country classic.

Mad max Biker :  All you need is some basic face makeup, (Refer to the films) a cool jacket, their bicycle made snazzy and cool like a bikers dream with a small patch on their jacket naming their biker gang. Get ready to roll and burn!!

Archeologist : What do you call a Roman emperor with a cold? Julius Sneezer! Get a pair of khaki pants, plain shirt and a professor’s jacket with enough room for pencils, magnifying glass and a brush. But if you think about it what was this little archeologist doing before knocking your door for candies? Running from the Mummy!

Mummy : One’s is a bore; and  two is a brawl, so why not pair up the most famous famous enemies in history?(pun intended)

A lot of bandages and some tape will do the trick and your Fearsome Twosome can have a night of running screaming and candy crunching.

The Bookworm: A pair of glasses, a copy of Freud and voila!! You now have the ultimate genius asking people for “sum mo candy please?” Teach them a few crazy trivia and unleash their genius and unique sense of wonder to get candy galore!!

Rapper: Does your little one like moving to the beat? Do they have an affinity for the funk? Grab some Adidas gear from the local store, give them some fake jewellery to show off their swag. In place of a boom box, why not spend the day painting any old rectangular cardboard box in cool colours?

You can make a day of it and your little rhymer can make a blast!!

Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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