Holidays with your child – How to keep them occupied

School holidays are usually a stressful time for most parents. While some part rejoices at not having to constantly worry about lunch and snack boxes, another part is stressing about how to keep the children effectively occupied! 

It’s very easy to turn on the television or the gadgets and place the child in front of them. But for how long? There are so many studies that talk about reduced screen time for children and how prolonged usage is bad for them. In such situations, how does one keep them occupied and engaged?

Activities during holidays

Holidays are a time when there are no studies or homework. There is no specific timetable, either. During school days, children follow a definite routine. They don’t have much free time to do whatever they like. Once the holidays start, children have all the time to do whatever it is that they want.

Holidays are the best time for parents to bond with their children and to channel their inner child as well. In this post, we are going to mention a few activities that are guaranteed to keep children occupied during the holidays.

  • Holiday camps – find camps or activity groups around your residence where you can enrol your child. This ensures that your child learns new activities and also makes new friends.
  • Family trip – take a trip with your family. This way you can spend quality time with your child and explore a new place together.
  • School camps – if the school your child attends has an activity camp, enrol your child there. This way, your child has school friends for company.
  • Creative Arts – take some time off your schedule and do some creative art with your child. Create a scrapbook, do some paintings or even make some exciting crafts. The whole idea is to spend time with your child.
  • Exercise and Yoga – get your child away from the TV and gadgets and make them exercise! This keeps them healthy and fit. You can also teach your child yoga. Yoga helps in concentration, which will be beneficial to them once they get back to school.
  • Household chores – Get your child to help you when you are in the kitchen. They can also help you in doing the laundry or while dusting the house. Your children can also help you by arranging their clothes and their toys.

As much as possible, avoid letting your child stay in front of the TV or gadgets the whole day. The idea is to keep them occupied and make them learn new things.

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