How to get your children to do their chores

Let’s begin by saying that all kids are unique in nature. As parents it would great for us to see them busy all the time with something or the other. Here are a few tips to get your children to do their daily chores. 

  1. Treat the room or house cleaning like a treasure hunt, you could hide candies, chocolates and maybe even coins. Let the kids run wild and discover their treasures. 
  2. Let the little ones be aware of the fact that you have some special goodies and treats for them at the end of each task that’s completed from their checklist. 
  3. Let individual weekly chores be awarded with a weekly movie night where the winner gets to pick the movie of their choice. Trust me when I say, kids these days just love any kind of screen. 
  4. Let’s not forget that money is a motivator for most people in the world, if your kids are old enough to understand currency then let them know that every completed task is a potential to earn a certain amount of money. 
  5. With the little kids, challenging them is enough. Make their chores a part of their everyday gaming. Challenge them and try and make a healthy competition among kids. 
  6. Teaching your kids about role playing and understanding the role and duty of each person in the family is very important. Girls want to be like their mommys and boys their daddy’s or vice versa. But the bottom line is that kids copy. So you want them to do something then let them know that you can do it too.
  7. Be open to discussions. Understand their perception and see if your kids can hold a healthy arguement. Maybe they have some troubles in the chores that you might not be aware of. Be open to criticism and you never know there might be a future lawyer in the house. 

Keep encouraging and keep exchanging feedback. The learning never ends for parents. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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