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I Wish People Understood What it Takes to Be a MOM

To the world, motherhood is just getting pregnant and delivering a baby. But ask a MOTHER, what it really means? And pat a reply will come- ‘You can’t explain it one sentence‘. Give me a pen and a paper and I might just pen down an entire book on this.

Motherhood starts right from the day a woman sees those two tiny pink lines. Scientifically she is yet to be a mother, but her emotions already start overflowing on Day One only. It is an amalgamation of numerous emotions which go shooting up when she sees her toddler painting the walls of the house and comes down the moment when she kisses her little one goodnight.

But sometimes the world treats motherhood just like any other job. Motherhood deserves all the attention because after all, it is how and what a mother grooms her child, who goes on to become future citizens of a country- Right?

Women who are mothers don’t demand any special attention. What we actually deserve is just some love and respect. It is sad that we have to give detailed explanations which often go unheard at work when our children fall sick or when we have an emergency situation at home.

How even more wonderful this place would be, if we women- particular mothers got the respect, adulation, and love from our near and dear ones- both at professional and sometimes even at our homes.


1. I wish people understood that a woman is entitled to a full-mandate maternity leave.

Yes, you heard it right. Even before a woman is set to become a mother she is asked the inevitable question- When will she return from her maternity leave? Trust us people, it is not easy for any woman to go on such a long break if she is at the peak of her career. But at least try to understand that she will soon be a mom. And her baby will need her 24/7 for a few months- if you would permit her to take leave! The world has seen women returning to work 4 months into postpartum. I think that might be the reason breast pumping machines got invented! Oh, where would we be without them?

2. I wish people understood that a woman deserves a warm welcome at the workplace, post her maternity leave.

To her baby, she is the best thing that could have happened. But to her peers at the workplace, she is the one who is now not that capable of handling a 9-hour job! How inconsiderate we become towards her. Even though 70% of her peers are male who are married and have kids, yet they don’t understand what it takes for a woman to return to work postpartum. Instead of putting her down at some point or the other, our aim as an organization should be to make her feel comfortable. And in all this, help her gain power and reach the peak of the corporate ladder.

3. I wish people understood that putting a mom into guilt does not mean she’s any less good than any of her counterparts.

Mom and guilt go hand in hand. I think as we move into the near future, they might just become synonyms in the dictionary! Society often puts a mom in guilt mode no matter what she does, or what happens to her child. I mean, come on! Is a mother responsible for almost everything? If her child catches a cold, if he is crying inconsolably because of teething – A mother is to be blamed for it! We tend to put so much pressure on her, that sometimes it gets to her and pushes her into thinking that way as well.

As a society and first as a family, can we stop blaming our wives, mothers, and aunts of the house?

4. I wish people understood that a woman doesn’t stop living after having a baby.

Having a baby means the end of life or having a baby means the end of the relationship time between husband and wife.
How many of us have actually heard these sentences and have been scared to take the plunge into parenthood?

Most of the time, post-baby a woman hardly gets time for herself or for her immediate family. But when the child grows up a bit, she has all the rights in the world to go to the parlor. She can get her legs waxed without being judged – Right?

Why does the world have to take one step and judge her for plucking her eyebrows? I mean what kind of a world are we living in? On one hand, we talk about woman equality and on the other hand, we judge her for doing even the basic self-care for herself?

A woman who is a mother deserves her me-time as much as any other person would do. So, dear society, let her apply her favorite lipstick without any interference!

5. I wish people understood that a woman still needs her girl-friends post having a baby.

Yes, dear husbands, family members, and the extended society! As much as you require your squad, I need mine too! There are days when I just don’t feel myself and I need my girl gang for speaking my heart out. There are some days or some emotions which only my girlfriends can understand. They have been there for me since our school and office days, and I am glad they are still my friends. Friends are for life. Then why should friendship end post a baby?

Being a woman is hard, and then on top of it being a mom makes things even tougher! I am not sad being a woman or a mom, nor complaining about it.


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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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