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Life is Good When You Have a Sibling

International Brother Sister Day

2nd May is regarded as International Brother – Sisters Day. Oh yes! You heard it right!

There is a day just for brothers and sisters. If your brother or sister is reading this blog, don’t be surprised if they pop up and ask you for a gift!

Just like any other relationship, a sibling relationship comes with a myriad set of emotions such as joy, tears, and happiness. Things have changed drastically now with couples preferring to have just one child. But cut to your parents’ time when they had at least four-five siblings.

Growing up with siblings who are more or less around your age bracket can be fun and entertaining as well. Not to miss the umpteen things which used to get passed from one sibling to the other. The youngest would always get used stuff from his older sibling!

As much as situations cause us to loathe our siblings, we should, in fact, be thankful to our parents for giving us the first friends in our life.

Remember the first time you held your younger sibling in your arms? I am sure it was a mixed bag of emotions ranging from the excitement of having a new playmate around to sadness of sharing your parents with him!



Coming to the more technical aspect, research and science have time and again proved that siblings are better for us. A brother or a sister in the family can have a tremendous effect on both the physical as well as mental well being of their siblings.Try recalling those times when your parents wouldn’t budge to what you told them, but you always had a bashing cushion in the form of your younger or older sibling. It is such a relief to have a person who is family, yet understands like a friend. I guess that might just go down as the number one definition of a sibling, right?

In the process of growing up and when children reach the adolescent stage, they kind of get taken aback by what life has to offer to them and how they should be reacting in certain life scenarios. It is in these times when you get to understand the technicalities or what effect a sibling can have on your emotional well-being. In my opinion, they act as natural healers to our minds and bodies when everything around in school or the workplace could be a mess.


Arti who is based in Delhi recently became a mom to a baby boy.

She is now mom to ‘Two Under Two‘. When we asked her about the relationship her children shared with each other, this is what she had to say – ‘Even though  Shambhu (her newborn son) is too young to understand a sibling relation, he has started noticing her and reacts to his elder sister’s voice. Arni, on the other hand, loves helping Arti while she changes diapers and helps in putting the feeding pillow as well! How thoughtful. Indeed a lifelong brother-sister relationship has just started to blossom here.




We spoke to another mom Richa who is based out of Singapore.

Richa, Arjun and KrishnavOne look at her Instagram feed is enough to make you drool. Richa is a full-time working mom who also runs an active lifestyle blog by the name of UrbanMantra. She is a mom to two doting boys- Krishnav and Arjun. Like Arti, she also highlights here, that the younger one Arjun, who is ten months old now, is still too young to understand the concept but is all playful and cheerful when his elder brother Krishnav returns from school. Krishnav loves cuddling his little brother to the point that sometimes his love makes Arjun squeal! Richa says that she can see that Krishnav is already possessive of his little brother and wants to wear matching outfits whenever they go out.




Our families play a big role in influencing us or helping us in deciding our career and other life-changing decisions. I am sure a majority of the population reading this blog would agree to it.

Taking this to another level where we can proudly claim that siblings help us in staying physically fit and active. Immediate family and friends can have a very positive outcome on the kind of lifestyle we lead these days. We have seen the famous Williams sisters bashing their opponents on the court. Well, they both inspired each other – don’t you think so?

In fact, both my sister and I are on our goal for clean eating and into getting a lean body weight for 2018. We don’t do our workouts together due to the difference in our office timings, but both of us keep an eye what the other eats and what work out we do.


It would have been painful to share a toy or your favorite book, back when you were a child. But now when you see your younger sibling taking care of your child, it certainly takes the brother-sister or sister-sister relationship to new levels. Watching our children bond with their uncles and aunts is probably the best feeling ever. Thank goodness for uncles and aunts when we need our precious me-time!


Thinking of a career and kind of confused about how to break the news to your parents? Well, if you have a sibling you are sorted! Talk to them and understand the ifs and buts of the career decision that you are about to take. There are 90% chances that they will understand your decisions or choices and support them as well.


So, if you haven’t seen your brother or sister for quite some time now, the right time is now. Hop on that airplane or take a trip to meet them. Stay with them and spend some quality time.

Life is good when you have a brother/sister.

Have a coffee or two and take a trip down memory lane to refresh, rejuvenate and connect with them.

Thinking of a second baby? Read this article to choose the right age gap between children.

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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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