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Lifestyle Changes I Did When I Turned 30

Lifestyle is something which comes naturally to us human beings. If I were to call it in simple words, it is a routine of activities which I follow in my day-to-day life. Over the years, lifestyle habits become engraved in us so deeply, that we tend to forget that it can become overpowering at some time.

Well, my whole motto here is not to scare you. It is to help in coming to terms with certain habitual changes which we as women need to make as we grow older. Times doesn’t remain the same and same applies to our bodies as well.

Last year I turned 30 and realized a few things to which I made certain amends. I am no expert in the health or fitness domain, but today in the blog I would tell you all that suited me in bringing about changes. These changes then led to greater and positive domino effects.


Having a workout routine in place does not necessarily mean that you have to slog it out at the gym. Also, I feel if you are slogging it out at the gym, your work-out is just not at the point. Well, what’s the point in punishing yourself over the stretching factor? Gymming and workouts should be as much fun and enjoyable as something like eating at a restaurant would be.

That is what my focus was when I joined the gym. Frankly speaking, when I joined the gym, my first aim was to get into the routine. That was also the reason I enjoyed the gym as my initial target was not to get to a certain weight. Instead, it was to get more accustomed to the changes in my body. In short, even if you think you are at an ideal body weight, getting your body to stretch out for a little while once a day will do no harm.


It might sound a bit weird as to how you can count your calories. In fact, to some, it may sound very difficult to keep track of the calories they are eating. Trust me it is not. Of course initially, you might have to struggle a bit and keep referring to information sources. However, over time it’ll only get better.

If you are new to the calorie game, it’s best to download the ‘HEALTHIFY ME’ app. This app gives a very minute breakdown of the various nutrients present in each serving of your food. The best part about this is that it helps you in judging the quantity later on when you are eating outside as well.

For example, it will tell me how many calories are there in one gulabjamun. So, I know that once I have consumed one gulabjamun, how many more calories I need to take or curtail in order to keep my BMR in check. This app is by far the best thing which has happened to me as it really helps me keep a track. Also one month into using this app, you will get to know how many calories are there on your meal plate or better still on the Golgappa.


This has by far been the most difficult of all the changes I did recently.  I am an active blogger and also have a full-time 9-6 job. which means I only get the nights for some Me-Phone time and do schedule my posts on Social Media. Reading my favorite blogs and scrolling through the beautiful Instagram feeds is something I do almost every night as a ritual. Like I said I am still struggling with this change and I have not been able to implement this successfully. Hence I am taking baby steps in getting off the phone on at least 3 days in a week. On the days I have done this, I have woken up fresh and my body also felt less tired.


We all know packaged foods are good for only a certain period of time. Having them continuously, in the long run, can prove to be detrimental to your health. I was a big fan of Maggi until six months ago I just took a pledge of healthy eating. I used to have at least one packet of Maggi in a week. If you feel that is quite less, you got it all wrong. For me having Maggi once a week was also a sort of big thing. It was because my mom has never propagated the use of packaged foods to us. She might get late for office but she never forgot to pack our boxes with stuffed paranthas.

All of us know since these products sit on supermarket shelves for n number of months, they certainly have some preservatives to keep them fresh.

As part of breakfast try to have raw fruits and nuts.


Since I always keep my calorie intake count for six days a week, Sundays mean relaxing my game a bit. On Sundays, I generally prefer eating out or sometimes do a takeaway. While its good to stick to healthy food, but sometimes we do have our cravings and cheat meals is just an easy and a well thought of means to have the foods you have been badly craving over the week.

Remember one thing, one cheat meal a week will do no harm if you are already on a strict schedule.
Trust me, it never adds on to the weight. On the flip side, it only pushes you to do that work out more harder.

The changes I adopted are pretty simple and something which you can continue for the rest of your life. That is what the whole aim was. To bring about changes and habits which I can continue at least for the next five years (that is huge for a lifestyle routine to seep into your body). I am sure, you all will incorporate these tips into your busy schedule.

Being Healthy and Fit isn’t a FAD or a TREND, instead, it’s a LIFESTYLE.



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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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