Nurturing a Life in the “Womb” at your 40s

Motherly Instinct Call

In today’s world, people say that there is hardly any difference between a man and a woman. Well, that’s true. Until you compare the biological capabilities. The Almighty has blessed the female gender with a magical capability. Yes, you thought right!

Nurturing a life inside the womb is what makes us women special. The life in the womb finds its real existence due to its mother, and that’s us. Let me not boast too much, as I am aware of the difficulties and the hardships behind this. And, I am sure all of us know the compromises that we make regarding our health, to safely bring out the life growing inside us.


On the way to becoming a mother, our bodies take a complete shift from its normal being. There are a few major changes that take place in our body. To summarize, they are:

•  Hormonal Cycle: Under normal conditions, it would be considered a sign of some disorder. During pregnancy, all of that is part of the journey. The hormonal cycle changes and new hormones come in to maintain the little life inside. They, together, would flood the fetus with growth factors for normal development.

• Body Shape: This change has an everlasting effect on the woman’s body. The shape of the body changes to accommodate the new life. Weight increases, physical appearance changes and you surely would not like the way you look. There is no way that anyone can skip this stage of pregnancy. It is inevitable.

• Post Pregnancy Blues: While the body tries to return to its original self, the journey back will be quite hard! There will be a lot of challenges on the way! Post-partum depression, and restrictions due to various medical and non-medical reasons will keep adding fuel to the fire.

Do you want to become a mother?

In essence, we should first ask ourselves this question. Knowing all the challenges up ahead, the decision of becoming a mother should be completely our choice. And, without an answer from within, one should not step forth on this journey. The journey is, indeed, beautiful and life changing!

What would you answer?

Well, when I asked myself the same question, I received the answer, “Yes”. The “yes” was from the motherly instinct that I had developed or possessed from long. You should always look for that motherly instinct inside you before deciding to conceive.

The mother’s contribution counts enormously in the little one’s life and you should be able to fulfill the same. There are many among us, who would often ask the above question and wait for the answer. The answer may take its own time, that again depends on your heart and mind, to come to you!  While you wait to become a mother, always bear in mind your age.


Age is an important factor for conceiving. Our bodies slowly progress towards accelerated aging post 35. Modern day work schedules and chaotic lifestyles may bring that number down further! A healthy and fit reproductive age is something that you should ideally target.

However, if it is not possible, one should not be too late either! Better late than never is what we need to remember. What if you consider becoming a mother at 40? Are you worried that it is too late? You would have waited for your career to take shape, or waited for the right partner to have a baby with.

You are not late at all! You are fine and can still have a healthy baby.

40 is not too late to conceive, but it can be a bit late. This will, again, depend on which side of 40 you are on. If you are in your mid to late 40’s, it will be more difficult for you to conceive naturally. If you are in your early 40’s and healthy, you need not worry!

With age, and beyond 40, your body starts moving towards menopause. This is a phase where all the unfertilized ovum will lose its functionality. They will no longer be active and cannot fuse with the sperm to form a life. The number starts decreasing rapidly.

While this is the major factor to consider, other factors like physical strength also plays a major role in helping you get pregnant at 40.

Let me help you analyze the pros and cons below:

Pros of becoming pregnant at 40

• Settled Career: At around 40 or beyond, you would be well settled on the career front and would be financially independent. This will secure your little one’s life and you will be able to afford everything that you have dreamt of for your little one.

• Maturity on your needs: By 40 you are sure to have gained control over your desires. You would have satisfied your various whims and fancies as well! Becoming a mother will automatically draw certain boundaries that you cannot cross. However, the situation is not permanent. Your maturity will help you deal with the situation way better.

• Parenting Decisions: Becoming a parent also means that your little one will grow up with all the qualities, manners and exposure that you can provide them with. Being 40 will help you make wiser and correct decisions with regard to your little one. You will be so mature, that it would be a cakewalk.

• Acceptance comes easy: Becoming a mother would inevitably want you to accept certain life changes. For e.g. breastfeeding, carrying a baby bag at all public places, worrying about food for the little one and the like. While you cannot run away from all these changes, your age will help you accept these changes faster.

Cons of becoming pregnant at 40

• Extra Medical Attention: Conceiving in and around 40 will require additional medical attention. You must be extra careful with your body changes and the milestones that you need to cross during the 9-month journey. The aging reproductive system will need the aid of costly drugs to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

• More chances of Failure: Delayed pregnancy choices will indicate that you should be ready for a few obstacles. There are higher chances of miscarriage. Miscarriages aside, there are higher possibilities of not conceiving. With age, the female egg will lose some of its active properties to mate with the sperm.

• Premature Birth: Chances of the baby being born prematurely will increase. A delayed pregnancy might not have a stronger uterus and placenta to hold the baby for its full-term. Premature babies will need extra medical attention and will have a weaker immune system.

• Fetus Development: There is an increased risk in fetus developmental activities. Brain development and physical development may see some gaps. Increased risk of chromosomal syndromes is also likely.

• Post Pregnancy Issues: Having a baby in the 40’s will pose a risk to your health, post pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, blood pressure etc. may occur. This would mean taking greater care of yourself as well.

• You would be too old: Aside from the pros, you, as a parent, will be too old when your child is crossing their 20s. This will bring in social pressures of settlement and career. Each child will have her own pace. Why hurry them?

Debating the right age to have a baby will end up nowhere. My personal experience says that it is not the perfect age, it is the right balance between your age and attitude. The perfect combination of the above will help you bring up your child well. You can attain the right maturity only if you have the right attitude.

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