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Organizing Tips For New Moms

Having a baby after the beautiful period of the good old nine months is always a gorgeous welcome from the big belly to holding the tiny one in your arms. We often make our home in accordance with the new member of the family. There are various things a family does before the baby arrives, such as setting up the nursery, stocking up the diapers, making the kitchen ready with foods that will aid in your breastfeeding journey and so on.

But often as new moms, women find themselves tired and exhausted at the end of the day. And all this happens when new parents plan so much. There are some days when a new mom is all by herself and there is no one around for help! Ask a new mom how lovely it would be to have help 24/7 for the baby!

A new mom is often tired of the countless breastfeeding sessions and the numerous diaper changes in an entire day. She then tends to miss out on following a routine when it comes to something as basic as taking her own meals at the right time. And this can then result in irritation and fatigue. Well, it takes a happy mom to build a happy baby! Isn’t it?

Presenting some organizing tips for new moms which will help her keep sane and calm:


As a new mom, you will be on the bed nursing your newborn for a major part of the day. Thus it would be very wise if you keep things of daily usage in the organizer right next to your bed. This is to prevent any additional task on the body of a new mom, wherein she has to fetch items either from the kitchen or the other room. These items are generally, the baby’s diaper, wipes, your multivitamin tablets, a bottle of water and a lot of other things which are used at least for a bare minimum of 2-3 times in a day.


As a new mom remembering what item is kept where is the last thing on any woman’s mind. So in order to prevent those short-term memory losses from giving you a bad day, try labeling things. Keep the little one’s closet organized and labeled so that you don’t have to go on searching for little things, such as cloth nappy, diaper rash cream, socks, mittens. As new parents, we often tend to buy clothes a little in advance. As a best practice its always good to keep baskets labeled as 0-3 months, 3-6 months for the ease of reading and then separating out clothes as the child outgrows them.


There is always bits and pieces of information which a new mom might forget in the initial few days. That is exactly where writing them down on post-its comes in handy. Write all the required or mandated tasks which you need to follow in an entire day on a post-it and then pin it on the wall right next to your bed or in front of it. Things such as drinking a bare minimum quantity of water, keeping track of the number of breastfeeds are the different kinds of information which can go up on the wall.


You never know when your newborn would decide to act funny or even end up feeling gassy and colicky at the night. While in most of the cases, SOS medicines might provide immediate relief to your little one, there might arise a situation where you just need to rush to the doctor. In this case, you want to be the last person who will be making the diaper bag right before you leave your home. So always keep one spare bag ready and packed. This also helps during impromptu family dinner or lunch scenes, where you have the bag ready right in time when you go out.


Doing the family’s laundry seems like an additional task for any new mom. Assign one day for it and do not fret over the pile of clothes which you see otherwise lying around the house. It is perfectly alright to have five days of messy house and clothes all because there is a new baby. The key here is to prioritize things. Of course, doing laundry is important. But what needs to be identified here is when and how.


Stepping out of the house for kitchen groceries is the last thing on any new-moms’ mind. Stock up your daily use items which are nonperishable for a minimum of 2 weeks. For items such as milk and bread, you can get them delivered after every two-three days or so. Make sure your kitchen is full of stuff which will help in your initial breastfeeding days. These include foods which boost breast milk supply such as different seeds and nuts as well.




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Written by Udita

Mommy blogger

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