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    Skin Care During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy brings with itself some minor and major changes in a woman’s body. One of these is the constant changes which her skin goes through. While in some women, their skin gets better and start glowing as the pregnancy progress, while for others it is just the opposite. As many as 6 out of 10 […] More

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    There are a number of meaningful festivals in India. But one festival, for me, stands out from the rest. That festival is Rakshabandhan or Rakhi. This festival celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister. In my case, I’ve never had a brother. It has always been my sister and me. When I used […] More

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    The Montessori Method of Teaching

    The Montessori method of teaching is usually based on hands-on learning, collaborative play and self-directed activity. In a Montessori classroom, children have the freedom to make creative choices in their learning. The classroom is designed for the convenience of the children. The role of the teacher is to offer age-appropriate activities that will help in […] More

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    Last Month Of Pregnancy

    Congratulations you are in the last leg of your pregnancy! Which means there are only a few days before you hold the tiny squishy baby in your arms and welcome him to this beautiful world. Often the last month of pregnancy is very tiring for the mom-to-be. The prime reason for this is the tiredness […] More

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    When is the right time for your child to start school?

    A child starts learning from the time they are in their mother’s womb. By the time the baby is born, they already know to recognize voices. They have, very subtly, picked up the finer nuances of grammar and language from listening to their mother speak. In fact, the mother’s womb is the child’s first school. […] More

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    Benefits of Arts and Crafts

      There’s no doubt about the fact that arts and craft have a lot of benefits that can be discussed.It usually involves kids working with both their hands in a particular motion or manner. It helps them to develop their fine motor skills and bilateral coordination.This helps them to learn and get used to a […] More

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    5 Must watch Tv series with kids

      Cartoons are not just entertainment devices, they are also a a medium which can help your little learner grow their knowledge of the world. They can entertain using puppets, song and dance routines as well as good old fashioned questions and answers, here’s a list of 5 television shows that we think provide a […] More

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    Different Tests During Pregnancy

    One of the most common things which come with pregnancy apart from taking care of your self and the food you eat is the umpteen tests a woman has to undergo. These tests are quite vital when it comes to the well-being of both the mother and the unborn baby.   These tests are equally […] More

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    Musical instruments for children

    Learning to play any kind of music requires commitment and discipline for kids of any age group. If you do buy a instrument you need to know that your child is willing to put in their time and effort into practising their skills. Children can learn beats, rhythm, pattern recognition and even mathematics from music. […] More

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    How to : Explain money to your kids.

    The Beetles were absolutely right, Money can’t buy you love but it sure does buy everything else in your life. Buying candy, going to the mall and even that Netflix subscription that your kid loves, all costs something. So here are a few pointers to tell your kids about how money makes the world go […] More

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    Exercise During Pregnancy

    Exercise during pregnancy is very important. Most women confuse exercising with losing weight. Which is one reason why they stop committing to a daily exercise routine when they conceive. Exercise is a very broad term and there’s much more to it than just merely losing weight. It is about staying fit, and giving your body ample […] More

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    Benefits of a home cooked meal

    Social eating is currently a trend in the entire world right now. The young are no longer inviting family and friends to home cooked meals without occasion. Everyone prefers to eat at fast food and lavish restaurants, order take outs or simply know at the street food. Obesity today is as big a problem as […] More

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    Baby Shower Ideas

    Are you pregnant and have blissfully sailed through the first two trimesters? Well now that you have stepped into the third trimester, your family and friends are gearing up for two things. The first, but of course is the baby. The next important thing which comes pretty close to the newborn is your baby shower. Baby […] More

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    Positive thinking during pregnancy

    Most women, when they find out they are pregnant, are ecstatic! Even those who haven’t really planned their pregnancy are in a state of anticipation. The energy that surrounds pregnant women should always be positive. There are some studies that state that when a girl is born, she already has the eggs which will one […] More

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    How to : Explain death to your kids.

      Losing someone can be a very difficult time for adults, let alone kids. It can be confusing and heart breaking as well. As September is a suicide prevention month it’s a apt time to discuss the topic of death with your child. The following is a list of some things you can use especially […] More

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    Tips To Increase Breastmilk And Support Breastfeeding

    The International Breastfeeding 2018 has just started and that means social media is abuzz with breastfeeding pictures. Many new moms or moms with older kids who have breastfed are sharing their journey through their blogs, Instagram posts, and facebook memories. That brings us to the point that for some moms breastfeeding has been nothing short of […] More

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    Friendship Day

    Friendship day is a day for celebrating friendships. In 1958, it was first proposed to have an International Day of friendship. Friendship day is a popular celebration in many South American countries. Friendship day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In India, friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. This year, […] More

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    Children and Pets

    Pets are an integral part of life for a lot of children across the world. Parents need to be involved and be open for discussion when planning to a get pet for the house. A child that learns to take care of an animal and treat it kindly will learn to be kind and patient […] More

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    Breastfeeding- The Foundation Of Life

    One of the fondest memory any mom can recall is the first time her child latched on to her for feeding. That is exactly how the relationship between a mother and her child is cemented for the rest of the life. Breastfeeding a newborn is one of the first of any sort of interactions a mother […] More

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    Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

    Congratulations on taking the first step to motherhood! Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for first timers and can sometimes drain your entire energy. But that surely doesn’t mean you plan to miss out on having special pregnancy announcements for your near and dear ones. Even as parents-to-be take one of the first steps in this journey, they […] More

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