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Perks of being a parent in your 20s.

                                     Perks of being a parent in your 20s.

  1. You grow up with your child:  

A young parent has the added advantage of having a still developing mind, so as you learn to navigate the ins and outs of the world, so will your little tots. A friend of mine, also a young parent; seems to learn something new every day. From a new language like French or learning a new sport, everyone starts from scratch.

You can even use the opportunity to learn something you’ve never done before: learning how to ride a bike, swimming or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, going on your first trek.


2. More energy: One of our best friend is a young, single Mom. Her kid (who is currently obsessed with ,marrying me) is 4 while she just turned 24. So by the time she 38, her daughter will be 18, already in or on her way to college.

A young parent will simply have more energy to deal with the physical tiredness a kid brings. Although an older first time parent might be more mature or resourceful, they all get tired just the same.

I want be a young parent because I want to use all my youthful energy to deal with running all the time or less sleep now when I’m in my mid twenties so that by the time my kid leaves for college, I can travel, read more and just relax more when I start getting grey, so that when I turn 40, I can  sleep like a baby again, sound and happy.

3. No gap:’Generation Gap’ is a term we hear all the time when we talk about conflicting thoughts on lifestyle and jobs between parents and children today. How do I explain to my father that on any instant messaging app the messages can be copy pasted or forwarded instead of being rewritten everytime or the fact that my mom believes that screens can cause eye cancer.

Parents with less gap in their age as compared to their children are much more easily able to understand how the world in which there child is growing is changing on a day to day basis. My friend is better able to understand and explain the do’s and do-nots of social media than some of my older cousins, who tend to live in a world less tech-friendly.

The younger the parent, the easier it is to explain to them and to learn from them. You can bet someone who has kids at a more sprightly age will  find it easier to ask their kid how the latest apps work or how that Nigerian ’Prince’ is not actually a prince.

4. Traveling is better: Me and my partner have dreams of traveling around the world, backpacking and hitchhiking across this crazy beautiful planet. But by the time an average parent today get financially independent enough to travel, they are often close to 40.

There is less travel at that stage, as family trips are centred around comfortable cushy hotels, where we follow the same routine as our home only at a hotel this time. Younger parents can be a part of more hikes, more swims and are just more adventure in general.

5. You are more current with your kids: Helping with schoolwork is easier as you are more in tune with the curriculum and technology. More and more younger people today opt for homeschooling rather than send their kids to schools based on ideas more than a hundred years old. Its easier for younger parents to give their kids a proper sex and health education unlike some of our parents who are still not comfortable with discussing with us about how babies are born.

School cafes today are filled with unhealthy sugary drinks and oily fast food. Schools are also more reluctant to focus on sports and extra curricular activities than compared to grades and marks.

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