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How to : Prepare yourself for the responsibilities of kids

There are a lot of ways in which babies are conceived in this world. As a guy who has wanted a kid since I was a kid (yes, I know that sounds weird), I have taken advice and help wherever I could. I can’t say I’ve figured it out yet but this is what I’ve learned so far.

(Also, if I am too ill-informed about something, do let me know in the comments).

  • Adopt plant): Babies are a lot of work but from what I’ve found so far with my partner, even a low maintained effort plant can be a chore.                                              

So far, me and my partner(but mostly me) have killed a budding basil plant as I did not know to make a hole in the base of the pot. The Aloe Vera is still going, we have two Money plants in vodka bottles. Pretty we soon plan to grow our own plants from scratch. 

It is a simple enough task .makes for some good habits, not the least of which is regularity of duty, which you are sure to need in the future.

  • Dogs, dogs, dogs: Or a cat, if you prefer. Dogs need as much as love and attention as children and they are not afraid to ask for it! The dog comes with more responsibility though. Not only do you have to feed them regularly, but also take care of their exercise and emotional needs.                                                                             
  • A dog is hard work but they reward you in such a manner that this practice you won’t hurt any. However, if you don’t have enough space for a dog at your home (like me), adopt a bunch of street dogs and feed them and/or give them blankets/ shelter whenever you can.                                                                                                          And you folks with wanderlust, remember that pets require sitters as well.
  • Exercise: This is the one habit that always makes sense, but especially in the case of wannabe-parents. Make sure to eat well, workout (don’t forget cardio!!), do yoga and take loads of sleep regularly.                                                                                                  Healthy parents make for healthy kids, and healthy habits should be a part of your life before your kid is.
  • Learn your finances: When you become more than two, the bills are liable to balloon.                                                                                                                        Learn basic bookkeeping and start investing (or thinking) of where to stash that cash. There are a lot of free apps, both on Android and Apple, that can make you an expert bookkeeper in no time. Set yourself small weekly financial targets, which you can start extending little by little.                                                                                Money makes money, so get started on learning the basics.
  • No smoking: Yes, you heard it right. Smoking is a habit that afffects not just you, but the ones around you as well.                                                                   Apart from the personal health issues, heavy smoking by either partner is also clinically shown to negatively affect your child’s health both before and after conception. Alcohol too is a very big problem.                                                               If you are a regular user and find it difficult to quit cold turkey, start cutting down your usage and find less harmful, less toxic alternatives like a glass of wine, herbal cigarettes or nicotine gum.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Progress starts from day one, so start making changes in your daily routine and you’ll see how much more ready you feel. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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