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Preparing Your Child For Preschool

It is a wonderful feeling to watch our children grow and see them doing a new activity each day. It is almost hard to imagine that the toddler who had just started walking a few months ago, is now ready to embark on the journey of preschool.

Just like we record each and every minute and milestone of our children by clicking wonderful photographs, it is also important to prepare your little one for preschool.

It is definitely one of the major life-changing steps, but parents need not be worried these days. That is because the current school scenario has changed a lot from what it used to be 15-20 years back. Teachers are more cooperative and are seen as a second set of parents to the preschoolers.

Schools, these days, have a very informal and friendly atmosphere so the child feels literally at home. Highlighting some tips which will help for a smooth transition from the home environment to the new school.


This is, by far, one of the most important tips that you can start practicing for, way before your child has to start his preschool. It can easily be regarded as one of the most difficult part as observed by many parents in the past. Separating your little one, even for smaller periods of time, can be difficult for both the child and the parent. Transition to school is the first instance, of many kinds, that a child will face in future. For a smooth and easy transition, you can try doing overnight stays at grandparents or your relatives.

This means that the child will be introduced to a change in the basic environment and other such things like food as well. It also ensures that the child is safe and ready for the new change. Thus, staying away from you for a restricted period of time, will also help to a certain extent.


While it is practically impossible for the child to be completely independent in terms of feeding, it is good to be prepared with the basics. If your baby is completely dependant on you in terms of feeding, then it’s time to train him. This means that you will be preparing your child for self-assisted feeding. It involves the usage of spoon, fork or one’s own hands. Incorporate fun ways to teach your children certain table manners by reciting stories and making their food plate interesting.


Start talking to your child about the school which he would be attending in a few days from now. While this does not require you to load him with thoughts of a new place of learning, it can be done in a fun way as well. This can be done every time you sit for a meal or go for a fun playtime at the nearby park. Try to include various things related to school in his day to day activities before he finally takes those steps forward for preschool.


We are sure that as parents you might have instilled a daily routine in your child’s daily schedules. This involves the simplest of things, such as having meals at a fixed time, play during certain parts of the day and regulated sleep hours. If that is already done, half the job is already sorted for you. Start talking about certain routines and rules which are a normal process of any preschool. This means going to bed on time, waking up at a fixed time in the morning, washing hands before and after a meal and having lunch during fixed meal breaks.


Mostly all schools require that the child should be given, at least, basic toilet training. The child should be trained enough to let the teacher or the school know that he wants to go to the loo. This can either be communicated verbally or through actions.Toilet training is a very tricky subject and each child takes his/her own time. However, most schools have proper help just in case of an accidental leak! Also, remember to pack a spare set of clothes in your child’s bag.


As your child is about to take the stepping stone to the fourteen most crucial years of his/her life, you might as well teach them some life skills. Sharing, is one of the first skills that children tend to pick up from their parents and other family members. In almost all cultures, parents teach their children how to greet elders at home as well as outside. Socializing is also another thing which children will pick up in due course. Start revising these skills so that your child is well prepared for his first day at preschool.


Last, but not the least, give your child ample amount of time and keep your calm while preparing them for this new journey. Sending your child away from yourself for a few hours can be taxing, both for you and your little one. So just sit back and keep in mind our list of pointers to streamline this stepping stone of the preschooler’s school journey.

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