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Reasons why a Staycation is a Good Idea for Parents.

The first thought which comes to any couples’ mind about going the family way is very weird these days. They go bonkers thinking as to what will happen to their Me-time, what will happen to their vacations! Yes, you heard it right. Even before they can think if they are prepared for it mentally or financially, the thought of going out with a child is what scares couples of today’s generation.

But with the world advancing and times changing drastically, even the travel and tourism industry is adapting to the growing needs of a nuclear family or today’s generation. That is another reason why a simple staycation is becoming the need of the hour. This is beneficial both for the travel industry as well as the exhausted parent who slogs nine hours on weekdays.

We all deserve a much-needed break for the regular office and the daily mundane life. And if you are a parent, the stakes are even higher. That means you at least deserve vacations or a trip at least twice a year! Parenting is fun, but it is hard. Let’s get it straight. As new parents couples need to relax at either a spa or a five-star property. And when kids grow old, we need a break from our regular work-shifts.

That is one reason why staycations are increasingly becoming popular by the day. Take any family or any couple you have in your circle, we bet that they must have gone on at least one staycation by now.



As a parent and as a family, it gets sometimes really difficult to have multiple holidays in one year. That is where a sweet and a short staycation will come to your rescue. Almost all hotels and five-star properties are more than open for an idea of a staycation these days. Which in turn means that they do not offer very steep prices, plus they always have something exciting apart from the regular stay to attract more families. Thus if you have already had that Disneyland trip this year, then staycation is a great idea, as they aren’t too heavy on your pocket also.


Since the concept of a staycation is very different from your regular holiday, so there is absolutely no need for any sort of detailed planning. All you need to do is book your villa or suite at the property and you are sorted. You just need to pack in your bags and head out for that much-needed break. There is no itinerary, no sightseeing. You have the entire time to your own self. Also, don’t forget to pack in your baby’s essential as well as emergency medicines before heading out.


When you go traveling to a holiday destination, there are high chances that there will be a fixed itinerary to follow to cover new places in a required span of hours. With younger children, it becomes a pain to follow such schedules. That is because the last thing you want to do on a vacation is to follow a timetable! Thus a staycation is a great idea where can you can just chill by the pool, relax and unwind.


These days most hotels have tied up with locals to give their guests a feel of the local flavor and add that touch to their getaway. The resorts are a distance away from the hustle-bustle of city life, which is to give you a relaxed atmosphere altogether. If you are bored of relaxation in your resort, you can head out for some activities which the resort generally organizes for their guests. It is a great way to unwind, plus its something different from the usual stuff one does on a vacation. If you are parents of preschoolers, your kids will have a nice and a fruitful time and an experience which is worth a lifetime.


When we go on that much-needed vacation, we all admit that none of us fly light. And with a 6-night holiday, one does end up stuffing their suitcases and bags with some additional stuff as well. But with a 2- day staycation , you really need not worry about packing and stuffing up too much. Also since you would be staying in the same place all throughout there is also no hassles of moving the stuff when you have little kids.

So mommies and daddies, if you are still confused about where to spend that long weekend, then staycation might be the best bet! Try it and

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