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Role of parents in a child’s life

They say parents are a child’s first teachers. A child is like a lump of clay – a raw, unfinished product. Parents are the first ones to start molding that lump of clay. Later on, there are grandparents, teachers, friends, and society. Irrespective of who the child encounters over the years, their parents will always be the ones who helped lay the foundation of who they become.

Parents – the beginning


Parents are born as soon as those two pink lines show up on that pregnancy stick. How they react and adjust their lives over the next few months might vary from couple to couple. However, that doesn’t change the basic fact that they now have a new life to care for and to mold in whatever way they deem fit.


In today’s world, there are different types of parents. You have your usual, mother and father. There is also a single parent (either only father or only mother) and in some situations either two mothers or two fathers.

Whatever your situation may be, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are, at the end of the day, a parent!

Parenting styles

I remember when I first saw those two pink lines. I was torn between happiness and fear. I was ecstatic that I was going to have a baby and at the same time, I was dreading it! As a single parent, what if my child hates me? What if I’m not cut out to be a mom?

Turns out, my fears were for nothing. Even though I do not hover over my child all the time, I still can be quite a fussy mother! And even though I’m a fussy mother, I still give her enough freedom to explore and figure out things for herself.

Every set of parents wants the best for their child. They want their child to excel at everything they do. Some parents go that extra step and try and steer their children towards the education and career choices that they wanted to do, but couldn’t. 

And then there are some parents who want their child to do their best. They know what their child is capable of and they encourage them to do what they want to do.

This doesn’t mean that either set of parents are negligent. Oh no! Quite the reverse. They do care a lot and will do whatever they can for their children.

The dark side

However, there are certain scenarios when either one parent doesn’t want the child. This can go either way. The remaining parent will either go out of their way to shower the child with all the love and affection they feel is lacking OR the parent might hold the child responsible for their partner’s reaction. 

Some people feel that a child “cramps their lifestyle”. They just don’t want to take on the responsibilities that come along with being a parent.

At the end of the day, however, the child is the one who suffers. They come into this world extremely innocent and vulnerable. Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, do try and understand that the child is not to blame for your decisions.

All that a child requires is unconditional love, acceptance, and your undivided attention.

Every day I learn something new about my child. And I am fascinated with the way I have grown as a parent. I’m more patient and I have so much love to give. All the ingredients required for a happy childhood.

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