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Self Care Sanity for New Parents

Sanity and New Parents- sounds quite conflicting ? I am sure it does! Leave alone when the sun sets or rises, as new parents we sometimes forget that in the end we are also humans, and we also need care.

While it is imperative, that as first time parents , we put all our energies and soul into the new born , one should also not miss out on some self care and me time for their own selves. The whole process of taking care of a new born and practically everything around it can be s overwhelming, that sometimes new parents start questioning their own decision of having a child.

What needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that unless we take good care of ourselves, feed and nourish our hearts, souls, bodies and minds- we won’t be able to give the best to our children. Always remember our children need to see the best version of us, and that is only possible when we take good care of ourselves first . We need to honor ourselves first , be it any sphere of life- so parenthood should not be left behind.

Some Self Care Tips for new Parents:


A new couple often finds themselves battling sleep issues with a new born , and hardly any time for themselves as a couple. Find the reconnect in your relationship after a baby. If possible go for a movie or even a small coffee date. You can ask your parents to baby sit for sometime untill you are away. If a movie seems a very far fetched idea , then you can just go for daily strolls with your baby in the evening . This is a great way to get out of the mundane routine of home and daily tasks and connect and talk out different things.


Of course eating healthy is the number one priority, but post motherhood the meal timings go out of schedule. As new parents, we sometimes exaggerate the task of handling a new born so much, that we end up disturbing our own eating schedule to a very large extent. Remember to always take your meals at the right time. Try including healthy and nutritious alternatives to your dinner plate. Taking a break and indulging once every fifteen days is alright, as long as you are having healthy meals otherwise.


As much as motherhood gives us a new lease of life, women often find themselves trapped in the daily routine, that they hardly have anyone to speak to. Hence motherhood takes a toll on them. This can be one of the most common causes of Postpartum Depression. Hence it is important to communicate how you are feeling , so as to let out all anxiety and emotional outbursts. If you feel , that just by crying it all out , you can let go off all those overwhelming emotions, do it !


Having a support group is of utmost importance. No wonder there are so many support groups for breastfeeding, cloth diapering , baby wearing. But have a close group where in you can share your emotional ups and downs



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