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Simple Indian Recipes for Baby- Starting at 6 months of age

As soon as your little on completes six months ,it is nothing short of any celebrations in the house. There are many physical and developmental milestones in these six months. The beginning of the seventh month also marks the beginning of solids in a child’s diet in most Indian households.

In fact in many Indian families, the start of solids in a baby’s diet is celebrated with much pomp and show. As per rituals and customs it is considered as one of the most important landmarks in a child’s growing process.

Six months is the ideal time for your baby to start solids, as the intestines are more developed now and the appetite is also increasing as the days progress by. By now you would also begin to see that your six month old still feels hungry after a breastfeeding session.

Babies at this age don not require big meals, but little portions which can satiate their hunger when they are not on breast-milk. Thus these recipes require little or no time in the kitchen



Lentils or as its popularly called in India are an excellent source of proteins. Apart from this they are also loaded with ample amount of vitamins and minerals. Most new moms prefer to give Moong Dal Paani( soup ) as this lentil is very light and can be easily digested . Wash the dal properly under running water for a good five -seven minutes. Now add this in the pressure cooker soaked along with water. Add a tiny bit of salt and turmeric. You can completely avoid salt if you want to. After roughly five whistles, separate the dal from the water and mash it with the help of a masher. Now add this mashed dal to the separated water. Add a dollop of ghee and serve it to the little one.


Banana is one of the first fruits which is introduced to kids. It is so full and rich in fiber that it can pass off as one complete meal for a baby who has just started solids.  They are  also an excellent source of folate,magnesium, potassium and iron- all of which are very crucial for healthy development .


Just like dal ka paani is an excellent source of nutrition for your six year old, same holds true for mashed rice and dal khichdi. The process is same as the preparation of dal ka paani. You just need to add rice in a lesser quantity than dal . Add more water than usual so that the khichadi has a watery consistency. This makes it easier to swallow . Use moong dal for the initial few months as it is light on the stomach.


Rice and dal can be cooked separately and then mixed together as well. This gives a new twist to the traditional khichdi in which both rice and dal are tossed together into the pressure cooker. You can also accompany this with soft and steamed veggies. Remember to give the veggies also in a mashed form , else it might lead to choking .

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