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Start crafting with your kids.

Crafting is yet another way to keep your kids busy and discover if there’s a little artist in your house. Kids notice colours, patterns and visual improbabilities without thinking twice. Crafts improve the visual processing skills of children and facilitates cognitive development that’s very essential for the initial years of a child’s life. When you help you kid in constructing a paper boat of origami you are reinforcing the name and identification of primary and secondary colours along with shapes of different objects. 

Here are a few ways you can explore what your kids like doing : 

  • Finger painting : Kids love using their fingers and hands with colours. It’s a lot of fun and is very simple. Just get a few cartridge sheets and water colours and let your kids run wild. 
  • Vegetable printing : A lot of kids don’t eat a lot of vegetables. This is a tgood way to make them comfortable with vegetables like ladyfingers, parval, peas, onion etc. You can also buy some acrylic colours and paint some white shirts. 
  • Toothbrush painting : Instead of throwing those old toothbrushes why not dip them in paint and use them as little sprays. You and your kids can achieve the rain and splash effect with this technique.
  • Origami : Those little colourful square sheets are available in any and all markets. Start with crafting basic things like Boat, flowers, birds, boxes and so on. 
  • Paper machete : Paper machete is one of the most interesting cravfts a child can do. Get some old newspapers, glue and a mould and get started with all that dipping and sticking on the plate or bowl. Let it dry and your kids can paint their creation. 
  • Jewellery Making : Now this is for older kids who can use some easy tools under supervision to begin with. You just need a roller, cutter, wires and colourful beads. Watch a couple of YouTube videos and help your kids take that designer out. 
  • Wool painting : This is easier than it sounds. Buy different coloured wool, and cut and paste pieces on outlines of drawings. Start with simpler figures such as house, cups, flower, mountains. Gradually progress to complex figures such as trees, countries, water bodies and so on. 
  • Wall painting : This is an option for parents who care less about how their house looks like. Kids love scribbling and drawing over walls, sofas, balcony and even floor. However if yotu’re to give them a wall that’s just for them to draw on then it works like a huge canvas. 

There’s a lot more you can do to keep your kids busy. Share your ideas in the comments section below. 

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