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The best books to read to your children


As a writer and someone whose house is stacked with books, people close to me often ask for book recommendations. When it’s an adult in question, you have to look at their personality, reading level and genre of interest to recommend a suitable book or author. 

It is quite similar with kids. Every baby is different, yes but I believe there are some books that all kids should get to interact with at some point in their childhood. These books are not just high on entertainment value or ‘infotainment’ but topics that have values that will always be relevant.

So on that note avid reader, here we go:

  1. The Cat in the Hat: Dr Seuss, the original rapper. Books written by the estimable writer are always full fo imagination, filling minds old and young with imagination and wonder. As the Cat is my favourite, I would recommend starting off with this always fresh classic.
  2. Alice In Wonderland: Who knows where a door leads to? In this timeless tale of adventure and surrealism, Alice decides to just find that out. You will love acting this tale out in front of your kids with fun and weird characters like the Mad Hatter and many more. 
  3. Bridge To Terabithia: The book is good and so is the movie! So much happens so fast in this fast paced and melancholic book that it is sure to bring a tear to your eye while bring out all sorts of questions from your little Junior Dickens so make sure you have some time before starting off on this unforgettable journey.
  4. The Secret Garden: We are getting further and further away from nature nowadays. What better to introduce them to the wonders of flowers, vines and vegetation than a tale of sickness swept away by exercise, play and a little old fashioned gardening? 
  5. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory: Ronald Dahl as a genius writer when it comes to kids and that shows in this timeless tale of crazy sweets, Golden Tickets and of course, the delightful Oompa Loompa song. As this is a story that you will likely also be aware of, it is easy to explain to kids and take them on a wild ride while you can revisit those glorious days of your own schooldays.

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