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Things I would do for my pregnant wife.

In my daily life I almost seem to forget that there are any differences between me and wife. Hyper globalisation and our shared liberal values often make us forget that there are any major differences between us. The biggest one we know is that my wife can get pregnant while I can’t. So to celebrate our very big and wonderful difference I’m sharing 6 things that I would do for my wife when that happy time comes. 

  1. Cook for her (or find someone who can): It’s a cliche, but it’s true. Your wife has to eat for ‘two’ people. So I’m going to make sure that my Dynamic Duo always have delicious delectables to much on. Big brunches and massive dinners, I don’t know exactly what the little one wants but I sure do know what my better half does. 
  2. Keep it healthy! : While I’m sure the meals will be big I also know they have to be healthy. So far my preliminary research shows protein and calcium are the most important parts of the diet. So I’m expecting to make a lot of broccoli, lean cuts of meat and smoothies of different tastes and colour. 
  3. Massages : During pregnancy the feet and back take the most pressure due to the increased weight. So I’m already on my way to being a amateur masseuse. Start experimenting with essential oils and heating pads. 
  4. On call photographer : From the day we find out to the day of delivery, I’ll make sure I have a camera in my hand. I take amazing high quality blurry pictures which are always out of focus. Each pregnancy has a lot of unique, beautiful moments to capture: glowing face, pictures of the beautiful bump and all the other heavenly, sometimes embarrassing or somber days in the 9 month cycle of Life.
  5. Shopping: 8 month pregnant women are not the fastest people around, and with good reason. In the last 2 months, shopping has to be a fast, efficient and regular chore. Also, it will have to be lonely, with my little bundles of joy tucked in at home. Shopping will include visits to the pharmacy, the local supermarket and stuff for the baby.
  6. Be there: This is the most important and most crucial part of it all. Life today is noisier and busier than it has ever been. It is a challenge, as I have seen from those around to be present and every step of the way. I plan to not work for at least the last 6 months, although I understand that is something not a lot of people can accomplish. But trying my best, from the doctor visits to the morning sickness is what I plan to do. 


Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

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